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(Feb. 4, 2023) — Unless you have been vacationing under a rock for the last week, by now you should be aware of a Chinese spy balloon floating – unmolested and unimpeded – over sovereign U.S. airspace.  First detected by private jet pilots over Montana, it has now floated to a position over Missouri, eventually to arrive over North Carolina this Saturday.  And China’s explanation that it is a weather balloon that somehow just meandered off course is as transparently false as Brandon’s purported “Build Back Better” spasm (mercifully, R.I.P.) was opaque.

While “rumors” persist that Brandon the Goof wanted to “shoot it down” – likely a Democrat propaganda ruse to paint Brandon as “tough” – his military adviso…, oops…, my bad… his military apologists at the Pentagon, fearing purported injuries and damage on the ground, recommended a different course of action: do nothing, let the Chinese gather whatever intelligence they can over the next few days, then shoot it down over the Atlantic… well after whatever images, electronic communications and pizza delivery orders have been transmitted back to Beijing. 

We send robots to Mars and instruct them to go right, then go left and then bore into that rock over there and send sample analyses back to the JPL in Pasadena… and we cannot figure out a way to capture the balloon and bring it down undamaged before it gets to the Atlantic… and likely self-destructs with explosives included by the Chinese when it was launched?  And who knows, maybe the self-destruct plan includes the BleachBitting of the balloon’s onboard electronics.  Hey, it’s worked before.  These are the nitwits in the Oval Office and the Pentagon now “leading” this nation.  This is dangerous…, really dangerous.

This is yet the most recent example of Brandon’s indifference to U.S. sovereignty, only this time it involves a nuclear-tipped enemy thousands of miles away instead of 250,000 illegal aliens claiming “amnesty” – seriously?? – crossing the southern border – unmolested and unimpeded – each month…. for subsequent distribution across the country.  

Memo to anyone reading this post who may be considering supporting any Democrat for public office at any time in the future, from Brandon on down to the local dog-catcher: seek professional help as soon as possible.  Your future could well depend on it.

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  1. There is no doubt in my military mind that the Chinese spy balloon, as-well-as other Chinese military enterprises, was inflated (enabled) with the hot air flowing from the mouths of those US criminals that have accepted all forms of money or other goods, commodities, or services rather than money from the Chinese Communist Party over the last two decades or more. Party-on, boys and girls in Washington, D.C.

  2. Voting alone is not going to do it — We can’t compete with the Democrat local, state, and national network grounded in 12,000 teacher unions who are connected to thousands of left wing organizations and NGOs, who are connected to globalists who fund the left network. We must create our own local, state, and national network not to only vote but to create a new narrative and restore Jeffersonian Republicanism — We have 1000s of GOP clubs, districts, PCs and conservative organizations to form a powerful local, state, and national network. The has all of the tools to do this. No more speeches and circus acts by the conservative organizations who are in the entertainment businesses. We cannot wait to 2024. Your article explains why. Join the today.