by Sarah Earlene Shere, Hosanna Heralds, ©2023

(Feb. 3, 2023) — Particles of dust danced around the solitary lightbulb that I had set to swinging by pulling its chain. Looking up at the cobweb-draped mirror across the attic, I was startled to see a woman’s reflection (not my own). She sat in a chair at her desk (a desk and chair that were empty on my side of the dusty glass). Curiosity eclipsed my fear as I was drawn to the gentleness of her demeanor. As I approached, she disappeared. Looking down at the desk before me, I found a yellowed envelope. Carefully, I pulled the equally time-colored paper out. The fragrance of lavender wafted up my nostrils. I was surprised to see the ink on the page was not faded.

February 5, 1864

Dear Child,

What can I say that you don’t already know? What can I say that I haven’t already said? Still, it’s true, we oft’ times need the basics taught to us more than once.

Don’t be afraid to love him. He needs you. Truth is, he’d nearly be lost without you. Let these thoughts be a comfort and a balm to yourself when he unconsciously bruises your heart and causes it to ache. Bring to your remembrance those beautiful moments, when he held you in the softness of his eyes in a crowded room. Trust the best in him, for truly you have seen God’s Holy Spirit in him.

He’s a man, meaning, he will make mistakes; he will cause you pain, either intentional or not. But, don’t forget, he will always love you, as God created him to be drawn to you with love, just as he created you to love him. He needs you. Let that sink in! The smallest, most infinitesimal part of him needs the smallest, most infinitesimal part of you! Imagine, there would be an empty spot in him if it were not for God’s filling it with you. What a high calling; what a beautiful privilege!

Don’t be afraid. Let God’s perfect love cast out your fear, and pray that the same would cast out his fear. Is it not fear that is at the basis of what comes between the two of you? Pray that you might know how to love him, and pray that he might learn to love you, as you both would love each other better.

Bask in his presence; rest in his favor. Trust yourself into the hands and arms of God.

With much affection and prayers for you,

Your Friend

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