by Tom Arnold, ©2023

(Feb. 1, 2023) — Mr. Carlson, let me begin by telling you frankly (in the event that you already don’t know it) that I have been a critic of FOX NEWS since 2008-09, when Messrs. Murdoch and Ailes prohibited their TV news/opinion show hosts from verbally attacking the Obama family.  In line with this policy, Bill “No-Spin” O’Reilly came out with the ridiculous claim that he had solved the controversy regarding Barack Obama’s birth.  He said that Honolulu newspaper birth announcements proved that Obama was born in the United States (Hawaii).  Another FOX NEWS commentator, Glenn Beck, quit the network likely because he was investigating and constantly discrediting Obama on his TV show, and Roger Ailes (FOX NEWS president) did not approve of it.  Then, there was (and still is!) Sean Hannity, who on behalf of FOX NEWS cancelled an interview to be televised on his show of Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 

Amidst all of this, I once (in May 2012) called in to the FOX NEWS newsroom to report what I considered to be a breaking news story by Breitbart concerning a bio of Obama which declared that he was the first “Black” president of the Harvard Law Review and that he was Kenyan-born.  The newsroom staff repeatedly called me “Benedict Arnold” and asked me if I had researched my family history and whether or not my ancestors had come over on the Mayflower!  

As for you, Mr. Carlson. I recently had come to the conclusion that you, sir, were by far the best and most entertaining journalist on television (emphasis on “by far”).  Then, LAST NIGHT HAPPENED!  You and one of your guests, Candace Owens, predicted that MICHELLE OBAMA would be the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee in 2024!  I’m afraid I must disagree seriously with you.  Aren’t you aware that Barack Obama already has been the so-called president or leader behind the scenes of our country SINCE 2009 WITH ONLY ONE FOUR-YEAR EXCEPTION (Donald Trump from 2017 to 2021)?  Also, do you not know that Obama was groomed for the presidency by the CIA and unconstitutionally nominated by the Democrat Party?  Practically without any documentation of who he was (a forged Hawaiian birth certificate doesn’t count!), Obama was elected by an unwitting and defrauded American electorate.  He promised to “transform” our country, and he certainly kept his promise! 

America has steadily declined in almost every aspect since Obama’s THEFT and continued control of the presidency.  Just look around you!  Do you like what you see?  Do you think there will ever be an end to it?  I’m asking you, Mr. Carlson.   

Electing Michelle Obama (sometimes called “Michael”) would be a DISASTER.  It would spell the end of our democratic constitutional republic.  We are almost there already!  If you, Mr. Carlson, doubt all of this, I urge you to examine this article with an open mind.  Consider the below in conjunction with the facts that you and your network should already know about Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  

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