by Bob Russell, ©2023

(Jan. 30, 2023) — The FDA, the bureaucratic arm of the federal medical corruption machine, has just mandated that the “vaccines” will be a perpetual money-maker for big pharma and the political and bureaucratic kickback scheme operated by the very corrupt federal government.  As long as big pharma pays the kickbacks from the billions they make from government corruption the politicians and bureaucrats will continue to ensure that the tax dollars will be sent their way.  Big pharma gets their money, politicians and bureaucrats get their millions in kickbacks, and We the People get fleeced.

I said from day one that this was nothing but a money-making scam to enrich the politically connected at the expense of We the People, and this proves me correct.  The military industrial complex works the same way: kickbacks to those funding and administrating the scams from the billions stolen from the working-class people of America.  The state governments are getting in on the taxation without representation act also, rolling out schemes to tax people for using fuel-efficient automobiles.  The ultra-liberal “climate change” Nazis now want to punish people for driving more fuel-efficient vehicles?  One would think they would be ecstatic about more fuel-efficient cars but their only interest is in taxing working-class people into poverty so they can exert more control over the “great unwashed serfs” that they have such disdain for.

Project Veritas just released a video of a Pfizer executive bragging about covid being a cash cow and how they were going to keep the scam going to ensure bigger and unending profits.  He was laughing about it as he boasted about how they are going to keep the cash cow operating.  The devildemocommiecrat party and the gop establishment hacks are more than happy to help because it empowers and enriches them at the expense of the working class they hate so much while helping their corporate co-conspirators.  The level of government corruption at all levels is disconcerting.  It seems that the days of honest people who care about preserving liberty are gone but there is still a large segment of the American populace that is ready and willing to push back against tyranny.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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