by Sharon Rondeau

This image trended at the top of the Twitter hashtag “#DeSantis2024” Wednesday morning

(Jan. 18, 2023) — As of 8:12 AM EST Wednesday, “#DeSantis 2024” trended in third place on Twitter.

In recent months, the now-second-term Florida governor’s name has been floated as an alternative to 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump, who declared his candidacy on November 15.

During his first term in office, DeSantis (R) stood out as a chief executive who rejected COVID-19 vaccine mandates, mask mandates for children in school, general shutdowns stemming from the pandemic and COVID “vaccines” for children under the age of five.

On Tuesday, DeSantis announced further rejections of “coercive biomedical policies” on a permanent basis which he said include “COVID vax passports, COVID vax & mask requirements to attend any school, Any COVID mask requirements,” and “All discrimination based on vax or booster status.”

When asked during his recent campaign whether or not he had his sights set on a 2024 presidential run, DeSantis uniformly responded that he was focused on serving a second gubernatorial term.

Since DeSantis began governing in Florida in 2019, many Americans flocked to the state not only for the weather, but because of the increased “freedom” they saw there as opposed to other states, particularly in the Northeast, where more restrictive pandemic policies reigned for prolonged periods of time and such requirements as masking in medical facilities remained in place.

According to the Palm Beach Post in February of last year, “More than 547,000 people exchanged out-of-state driver’s licenses last year for ones with Sunshine State addresses. That’s a 40% increase from 2020 and nearly 20% greater than the five-year average between 2017 and 2021.”

In a January 12 press conference, DeSantis announced his “Freedom Blueprint,” which includes the above measures as well as tax cuts; a prohibition against Chinese acquisition of Florida land and private property; increasing teachers’ salaries but a cessation to the automatic deduction of union dues; reducing the cost of prescription medications; and permitting open carry of firearms without a permit.

DeSantis also intends to strictly enforce employers’ use of E-Verify to screen out illegal aliens and last month asked all business owners found to be out of compliance to provide an affidavit to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) indicating any illegals have been terminated.

Trump has claimed to have been the catalyst for DeSantis’s first successful gubernatorial run and on Monday said he “will handle” the situation if DeSantis decides to declare himself a 2024 presidential candidate.

Trump’s remark was not lost on the mainstream media.

Prior to announcing his 2024 candidacy, Trump suggested he would “certainly consider” DeSantis as a vice-presidential running mate. However, there could be a 12th-Amendment issue if both a presidential ticket contains a vice-presidential candidate hailing from the same state.

Some Republicans have indicated they prefer DeSantis to a second Trump term. According to Florida Politics on Tuesday, Republicans in Mississippi, which has open primaries, Trump maintains a healthy lead over DeSantis as a result of a Siena College Research Institute poll.

Update, 11:00 a.m. EST: Minutes ago, former Trump 2016 informal adviser Roger Stone, who received a pardon from Trump shortly before he left office, published a Substack column titled, “The Not-So-Secret Plan Of Governor Ron DeSantis” in which he wrote, “In the worst kept secret in the political world, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is preparing a campaign to challenge former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.” Stone also questioned DeSantis’s decision last winter to sign legislation prohibiting the filing of lawsuits against medical providers arising from “COVID-19-related injuries, deaths and refusal to try available treatment.”

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  1. Trump’s presidency was beset by treasonous officials who maliciously prosecuted him based solely on specious and spurious allegations of crimes which he never committed. I believe that Trump should be made whole by allowing his recoupment of ALL losses, including giving him a full (8) MORE years in the WH.

  2. I’m voting for Trump. The Uniparty would much rather much have Desantis. They will not even panic (again) as they did with Trump…….I want the Uniparty to be afraid…….

  3. DeSantis should finish up his term as governor where he can continue to clean-up Florida and continue to be an example for other governors to follow.

    Having said that, I believe that DeSantis is a Trojan horse. These slight-of-hand deceivers can ruin your day at the political racetrack betting window.

    Trump 2024 to complete his mission to drain the swamp where we can build a better America without all the liberal criminality.

    Until we can get better transparency out of those running for political office and that includes DeSantis, best we do our own homework by investigating these new ‘kids on the block’.

  4. I don’t trust DeSantis. He has amassed a campaign war chest of over 200 million dollars to run for the Presidency. He is financed by multinational corporations and billionaires with agendas who will eventually assert their ownership and demand he kowtow to their agendas. Also, he has been associated with the WEF (see Conservative This association is suspect, to put it mildly.
    As a Trump supporter I voted for him because he is NOT a politician and he is a self made billionaire, the epitome of the American Dream. He owes nothing to no one! In fact, as you probably have heard, he lost a significant amount of money during his Presidency but, he still fights for America, his country that he obviously loves. Compared to Trump I feel that DeSantis is a sheep in wolves clothing.
    By the way, I have no love for Ronna McDaniel, but Harmeet Dillon in a lack of judgment, bragged that she is backed by Big Money interests. Can anyone say “compromised “? Do your research and beware!

  5. I don’t trust DeSantis. He has amassed a $200, ooo,000.00 plus campaign war chest to run for President. He is being financed by multinational corporations and billionaires with agendas. Also, he has been linked to the WEF(see Conservative He, unlike Trump is compromised and beholden to “Big Money Interests”.
    Many of us voted and continue to support Trump by virtue of the fact that he is NOT a politician and he is a self made billionaire (he realized the American Dream) and owes nothing to no one. Do your research and be aware of who you support . De Santis will, when push comes to shove, kowtow to his handlers (kinda like Barr), or end up being marginalized.
    By the way, I don’t support Ronna McDaniel but, Harmeet Dillon has openly declared that she is backed by Big Money interests. Beware!

  6. The first person who is running for the Executive Office who declares COVID-19 disease as a hoax will get my vote, unless that person is an avid promoter of baby abortions.