by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 16, 2023) — A discussion is taking place at 4:04 p.m. EST Monday afternoon on Twitter Spaces sponsored by Ernest Ramirez, Sr., and the group

Ramirez’s only child, a son, died after his only Pfizer COVID-19 shot in April 2021.

At 4:06, Dr. Joel Wallskog, who was diagnosed with transverse myelitis after taking two shots and is permanently disabled, spoke about a strategy to approach all “federal” politicians about COVID-19 injuries incurred by their constituents.

The vaccine-injured have made progress with members of Congress, Wallskog said, as some time ago only “two staffers” agreed to meet with them but more recently, the reception they have received is more robust.

Wallskog was followed by Dan Hartman of Canada, whose 16-year-old son Sean died in his bedroom after an unfruitful emergency-room visit following the injection. To participate on his hockey team, Hartman said, Sean was mandated to take the “vaccine” and is certain it “killed him.”

To join the discussion, visit Ramirez’s Twitter feed and click “REAL TALK WITH OUR VACCINE INJURED!”

Brianne Dressen, who founded react19 after suffering a severe reaction after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine, remarked at 4:16 that many young and previously healthy people have passed away after taking the COVID-19 vaccines.

A mother whose 18-year-old daughter took the vaccine against her parents’ wishes died November 9, she said, after an emergency hospitalization and the finding of a glucose level of 610 and placement in the ICU. “And she was not diabetic,” the mother added.

“They had to come to us and ask us if we wanted to continue care…” the mother related, and that she and her husband chose to continue care. “She passed away at 5:00 that evening,” she said, and learned she had taken the “COVID shot” from her daughter’s friend at that time.

“Safe and effective…is killing our children,” she said, fighting back tears, and suggested she and her husband will most likely retain an attorney.

Dressen assured the mother that her group will “do everything possible to make sure she’s not forgotten” as the parents await the results of genetic testing.

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