by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 14, 2023) — In an interview Friday with Dr. Gina Loudon on “Prime Time” on Real America’s Voice, 45th President and 2024 presidential candidate Donald J. Trump indicated he is involved in planning a memorial service for “Diamond,” whose given name was Lynette Diamond Hardaway, of the Trump-supporting phenomenon “Diamond and Silk.”

Originally from Fayetteville, NC and the daughters of a pastor, Diamond and Silk rose to prominence in late 2015 after they publicly abandoned the Democrat Party and declared their support for Trump’s presidential candidacy, later appearing at his rallies and other events held by conservative groups such as CPAC and the NRA.

As their popularity grew, the duo launched their own social-media platform, ChatDit, and hosted a regular show, “ChitChat Live” with various guests; launched an educational nonprofit with a mission to prevent poverty and promote “success”; authored a book, “Uprising“; and acquired a contract with Newsmax for a Saturday evening program.

Diamond’s death at age 51, announced on their official Twitter account Thursday, was “unexpected.” She was reportedly hospitalized just after Thanksgiving, after which Silk asked for supporters’ prayers.

A cause of death has not yet emerged, although “Silk,” or Rochelle Silk Richardson, has denied a rumor that her sister passed away of coronavirus. Both had advocated medical freedom and questioned the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, which is now echoed by world-renowned cardiologists, scientists and other medical providers.

Dr. Loudon opened the segment by wishing Trump condolences on “both losses this week” without identifying the second individual. After relating her acquaintance and relationship with Diamond & Silk in launching “Women for Trump,” Loudon asked, “If you know, how is Silk holding up, and what would you like us to know about your memories of Diamond and her legacy?”

“Well, Silk is not holding up really well,” Trump responded. “She’s having a hard time with it; I called her numerous times.” He recalled he learned of the sister duo from his wife Melania, who saw them on television, and stressed that they were “totally loyal” to his political brand on which the sisters prided themselves.

“We’re going to do a little service, I think, for Diamond,” he said, “and we’re going to do it up in North Carolina, and I don’t think the date has been set yet, but it’s going to be set pretty soon; we’ll give her a service that she really deserves.”

“These are two terrific people and never complained; life wasn’t easy for them from day one,” he said, “…then we had this really unexpected tragedy, as far as I’m concerned…Two great women, two great women, but we have one left, but the other one’s looking down and very proud of her…”

At that point, when the interview segment was truncated, Trump most likely said, “sister.”

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