by Viv Forbes, Executive Director, The Saltbush Club, ©2023

(Jan. 11, 2023) — Black Aussies built our grasslands
              with everlasting fires,
Then squatters went one better
              with cooler springtime pyres.

But Greens they banned the fires
              and cancelled grazing passes,
Now wildfires kill the forests
              and weeds replace the grasses.


Viv Forbes
Washpool, Qld, Australia

Viv and Judy Forbes have spent a lifetime living and working on the grasslands of Queensland and Northern Territory. They were once converts to the green “no fires brigade” but eventually saw that unburnt grasslands were soon invaded by eucalypt woody weeds, burrs and lantana. Grasslands that once supported cattle, sheep, kangaroos, emus, bustards and parrots soon degenerated into weedy scrubs. This was destroyed by occasional fierce wildfires that killed most animal and plant life.

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  1. Alan Savory is a man who admits to killing 40 thousand elephants. He was working in Africa to prevent desertification in the grasslands. He blamed the elephants so went out to cull the herds. That did not work so reworked the problem and came up with the natural system of large herds grazing, defecating, and moving on. In the U.S. the BLM seems to stop the use of grazing on public lands and the land is now going to ruin.