by Sarah Earlene Shere, Hosanna Heralds, ©2023

(Jan. 6, 2023) — The Northwind gave a hearty laugh as he bent the tops of the forest trees in his wake. A spritely gentleman eyed him indignantly as he struggled to keep pace. “And why do you laugh?”

“The Northwind needs no reason to laugh; I do as I please, and who is there powerful enough to stop me? But if I were seeking a reason, watching you trying to keep astride that beast of yours would be more than adequate.”

Jack Frost gritted his teeth and dug his heels deeper into the snow-crystal horse-like animal beneath him, trying to ignore the laughter at his side. Suddenly, the icy peaks of Isbreen-borg came into view. Jack straightened himself and resisted the urge to fuss over his attire, for fear of losing his balance. At this, the Northwind’s laughter grew even louder. But, truth be told, there was no created being in the heavens, or on the earth, that felt confident in approaching the queen of the snow.

The Northwind took on the appearance of a giant man as he and Jack Frost landed, with ease, atop the formidable glacier. As Jack dismounted the is-hest, the Northwind replied to his questioning glance with a wink and a nod. For all the fun that was had at his expense, Jack knew that this would-be nemesis would always be there for him, whether it was fighting off a clutter of paylathrons or taking a report of the snow kingdom back to its queen. 

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