by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 31, 2022) — A newsletter received Saturday from ZStacklife, a division of Zelenko Labs founded by the late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD, contains a special message on this New Year’s Eve.

The text of the newsletter reads:

Happy New Year!


We come to you one last time this year, with a special video message from Dr Zelenko.

We miss him tremendously, and everyone at Zelenko Labs respectfully echoes his message of appreciation, thanks and hope and wish you and your loved ones a healthy & brilliant start to 2023!”

For non-subscribers to the newsletter, the “Play” button on the video leads here.

Zelenko was one of the earliest voices calling for ambulatory treatment of COVID-19 after the U.S. government declared it a “pandemic” in February 2020. Diagnosed several years before with a rare and deadly form of lung cancer, Zelenko survived the virus with only one lung and returned to treating the Hudson Valley community he served as a family doctor for nearly two decades.

As a four-year-old, Dr. Zelenko immigrated from Ukraine with his parents and became not only a successful physician, but also an entrepreneur and inspirational public speaker. “The world knows the dynamic firebrand who never feared speaking the truth to power or about issues he cared deeply about,” a press release issued the day of his passing states. “Dr. Zelenko was a man of great, subtle humor and deep intellect. For every verbal jab he threw at the tired and incompetent establishment, a dozen more light-hearted laughs were spent with him and the team. Dr. Zelenko could laugh at himself as easily as others, and was always in great spirits, no matter the darkness that surrounded him – something that’s easily overlooked in today’s climate of hypersensitivity.”

After a brief hospitalization, Dr. Zelenko died June 30, 2022 at the age of 48.

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