by Bob Russell, ©2022

(Dec. 16, 2022) — The new dodge, especially by devildemocommiecrat appointed judges, when they don’t want to address an uncomfortable issue is to reject the case, saying the plaintiff “doesn’t have standing” to bring the case to court.  The right to redress our grievances is one of the basic tenets of our Constitution.  The founders fought a war against just such tyranny.  King George III, when colonists objected to his tyranny, just dismissed their objections saying he was the ruler and they had no right to object to his orders. 

The founding fathers of the United States of America were so angry about this that they covered the issue in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, giving citizens the right to go to court when their issues were not answered by the politicians.  Now, when judges don’t want to make a decision in a matter they know is wrong but goes against the devildemocommiecrat party and they know the complaint is valid and the outcome guaranteed to go against their party, just claim that the plaintiff “has no standing” to bring the case.  Sadly, even judges appointed to the supreme court by President Trump used that lame excuse to refuse to look at the very obvious FRAUD committed in the 2020 election.  If We the People have no standing to redress our grievances, what use is the Constitution?

It is bad enough that an entire political party and most of the other party ignore We the People but now our right to redress our grievances is being denied by judges who are either corrupt or cowardly.  The recent intimidation tactics against Justice Brett Kavanaugh have solidified the anarchist left’s control of America, much to the detriment of liberty for We the People who they hate and are determined to abolish.  Like censorship, “lack of standing” only applies to one side of the political and moral battles going on in the nation these days.

How are We the People ever going to wrest control of the nation back from the globalist hacks who now control every aspect of government if we cannot use the Constitution to do so?  It is very clear to everyone, even those who refuse to acknowledge it, that America is no longer the nation OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE as established by the founders and also IS NOT a representative republic any longer.  The political ruling class ignores We the People, preferring to cater to those who buy them with campaign contributions.

The “campaign finance reforms” so much ballyhooed by politicians some years ago left plenty of wiggle room for corrupt people to bypass the intent of the legislation.  “Dark money” is corruption that has been embedded into the once-great political system.  Campaign finance reform did exactly what it was intended to do: limit We the People in our voice in government.  Facebook owner mark zuckerberg put more than $400 million into the 2020 election through the very corrupt PAC system that gives people like Nazi war criminal george soros, zuckerberg, and other very wealthy liberals on unfair financial impact on elections, thereby giving them control over who gets elected.  The Pravda/Goebbels fake news propaganda machine, along with the just as corrupt big tech oligarchs, give loads of free advertising to devildemocommiecrats while trashing true conservative candidates.  The coverage of Trump vs. clinton and Trump vs. biden was overly negative against Trump and just as overly positive for the devildemocommiecrats he was running against.  They all trashed every candidate Trump endorsed in the 2022 midterm election while doing very positive fluff pieces for the devildemocommiecrats. 

We the People lost the soap box decades ago, lost the ballot box in 2020, and now the corrupt political ruling class, including the gop establishment ruled over by TRAITORS mcconnell and mccarthy, are working overtime to remove the bullet box as an option.  Once America becomes a third-world puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship, and it is knocking at the door now, liberty will be lost worldwide with no one to come to the rescue.  The political ruling class has violated every word of the Constitution over the last 100 years and is now on the verge of abolishing it completely.  Once the dictatorial left abolishes it, liberty will be lost worldwide.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. I think God has other plans. He is using a family of musicians that has petitioned directly to the Supreme Court that has been accepted and will be heard Jan 6, 2023. Their petition, 22-380, was filed as a National Emergency. The speed at which it is being addressed is unheard of. Apparently the media has not got wind of it yet. BTW, the musicians are not lawyers.

  2. There is a suit (petition) at SCOTUS filed by the Brunson brothers, citizens not lawyers, under a national emergency. It is docketed and will be conferenced Jan 6, 2023. Here is a link, 1 of 3, to a video that will give all the information. Be prepared to spend more than an hour. I don’t know about anyone else but this really sounds like divine intervention. The defendants in this suit includes 388 members of Congress and the question is their oath of office the words; “bound by”. They all can be removed from office by the court decision, including the President and VP.

  3. So very TRUE. And even if you are able to be “heard”… you may find that the FACTS are never repeated or “litigated” in the resultant Opinions, Orders, or Rulings; i.e., the FACTS may be “pretermitted” or intentionally left-out… to arrive at a pre-conceived outcome.
    Such is the case in our ten-year legal marathon… now in Federal 6th Circuit Cincinnati. [22-5656] FACTS have been cherry-picked &/or excluded to cover-up FRAUD by an FDIC bank… and now to protect colleagues who have deceived the Honorable Court they were entrusted to serve.
    Until state Legislators wake-up… and begin to discipline or IMPEACH corrupt judges… the “corruption of the judicial machinery itself ” will continue, resulting in “fraud-upon-the-court”.

  4. Finally, someone else sees the farce that is the judicial system in using the “no standing” excuse. In the case of the 2020 plea before the Supreme Court on behalf of several states, I maintain that they had standing in representing the cause of we American citizens who were grieved by what took place in the election.

  5. Bob Russell: Good article, and very true. I’ve always wondered why I have “no standing,” why for all intents and purposes that I (and millions of other Americans) have been disenfranchised, and why I am labelled a white supremacist with possible domestic terrorist tendencies! I guess I should have been a politician! Oh, well! What I am, though, is a law-abiding, tax-paying, military veteran, retired law enforcement and criminal court officer, with a post graduate education, a Christian, a loving family including four grandchildren, and an American citizen with a real birth certificate and other identifying documents which actually belong to me. AND, OUR HIGH COURTS WOULD SAY THAT I HAVE “NO STANDING!” THAT MY OPINIONS WOULD BE ADJUDGED “FRIVOLOUS!” So, as a courtesy (or, shall we say, “reparations!”) to me and all others who are looked upon and being treated unfairly and unequally by our government, I suggest for starters that Chief Justice John Roberts Jr resign. Likewise for Director Christopher Wray. And, most of all, “President” Joe Biden and fellow travelers, who are destroying our country, return to civilian life, if not in this country then somewhere else. You are the ones who should relinquish your “standing!”

    1. You do have standing, it is in the Constitution, the 1st Amendment… “and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.” The judges have been violating the Constitution. See Brunson v. Alma S. Adams et al, case number 22-380.

      1. I saw an article on the Brunson case a few days ago but don’t have much confidence in the supremes actually doing the right thing!!!!! I expect them to find some slither room to avoid doing their duty!!!!! I daily pray asking for divine intervention on behalf of His people!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Thomas, we have much in common!!!!! I was not in law enforcement but the rest we have in common!!!!! I served in the U S Army Special Forces, am a devout Christian, a patriot, and have paid taxes since 1965 when I got my first actual paycheck job. Before that I threw paper routes, mowed lawns and did odd jobs for neighbors who paid in cash or food (mostly desserts) There were a lot of old women in the neighborhood I grew up in. I have 14 grandkids and 3 great grandkids. I will be 73 in about 3 weeks. God bless you and yours!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Right on. The weak link of our Republic: morally corrupt judges that, nowadays, seem to be a dime a dozen and worth about as much.

    Professor ‘Trash the masks’ Zorkophsky

    1. Professor, unfortunately we have corrupt EVERYTHING, including 95% of the politicians in the federal government!!!!! There are a few, very few, good republicans but the TRAITORS mcconnell and mccarthy keep them well to the outside so they can’t have much effect on the corrupt gop establishment agenda!!!!!!!!!!