December 13, 2022

Dear Editor,

Terry McCrann’s excellent HS, 13/12, “Coal, gas plan merges stupidity and lunacy” reflects the 1970s Whitlam/Cairns whacko, Australian-economy-destroying-style thinking of Labor’s 21st century Albanese/Chalmers combo based on “Thermomaniacs’” lamentations of the supposed man-made burning-of-fossil-fuels woes of today’s atmosphere!

“Thermomaniacs” not only imply we, truly believing-in-science, man-made-climate-change- caused sceptics (we’re certainly not suffering from severe “MmGW Mania”) are stupid flat-earthers, but they also claim that Hurricane Katrina (much bigger than more recent Hurricane Ida) was an example of a man-made disaster from global warming.

The hurricane season which included Katrina only equalled the worst Gulf of Mexico season some 73 years earlier, and Katrina (along with Ida) was not as severe as the Gulf’s worst-ever hurricane 100 years earlier that devasted Galveston!

So, here’s a little real “science”: All the preceding was at a time when we had less than half the world’s current population and only a smidgeon of today’s carbon dioxide in the atmosphere! And, what about the 2009 and 2015 North Sea floods only almost equalling the worst-ever North Sea flood of 1953? Now, what of the polar bear’s overall population explosion of more than 25% over the last 35 years or so? Thermomaniacs, please explain!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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