by Tom Arnold, ©2022

(Dec. 12, 2022) — [The following email was sent Monday evening to Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson, Jesse Watters and Shannon Bream; Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott and Director Paul D. Ryan, a former congressman; and reporter Trace Gallagher; and reporter Trace Gallagher.]

What was it that you just called “the greatest crime” in the history of our country?  Check my article which was written yesterday and published today.  Specifically, note QUESTION #8.  

Questions for Our Current President, Joe Biden – The Post & Email

And, while you are at it, why not read the whole article.  You might just get some more really good material/ideas for your TV show (which, by the way, is outstanding and honestly one of my favorites).  

PERSONALLY, I CALL THIS WAR-LIKE INVASION OF OUR SOUTHERN BORDER AND EVERYTHING EVIL THAT IS CONNECTED WITH IT (SEE MY ARTICLE) TREASON.  That’s right-  TREASON!  SO-CALLED “PRESIDENT” JOE BIDEN IS COMMITTING TREASON!  Are you, Tucker Carlson, afraid to speak the word publicly?  That, too, is one of our country’s biggest problems (fear of telling the TRUTH).    

So, in the infamous words of FNC’s worst ever “journalist” (you know who I’m talking about), “WHAT SAY YOU?”  

Sincerely, Tom Arnold.    

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  1. Thank you for your tenacity Mr. Arnold!
    When Obamas’ treason is finally exposed and he is finally held accountable for his crimes, the Left, the Democrats, Rhinos, the Globalists and the MSMs’ whole house of cards will come crashing down upon them and crush them all! When this happens all the insanity affecting every aspect of our society (the economy, education, religion, the military, the health and science sectors, justice sector, law enforcement sectors, etc.) will dissipate rapidly and we’ll find our way back to common sense, Judeo-Christian values and the national pride that once defined our country. That day will be an epiphany for our country and the world!
    Until then, all those who were and are complicit in this massive coverup of Obamas’ treason will continue to lie, equivocate, gaslight, and obfuscate on behalf of this criminal to protect him and by extension, their own treasonous complicity in his coverup. As a member of this horde of aiders and abettors it must be difficult to look yourself in the mirror, face your family and children and your friends knowing that one day you too will be a recognized and be counted as a traitor to our country! The apparent lack of conscience of Obamas’ protective minions boarders on the psychopathic!
    “Oh, what a tangled web they weave as they practice to deceive!”.