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(Dec. 4, 2022) — It’s no secret Pharma and the FDA have habitually misrepresented the new Warp Speed vaccines. The 93% safety jargon was always misleading term based on a laboratory calculation involving a single virus in a sterile, controlled environment. (In the open public the mRNA vaccine is .o8% effective at best.)

After 15 months of ferocious legal battles, the CDC was forced to release closely held research showing 25% of the vaccinated suffered serious side effects and 8% required hospitalization. This is a far cry from “safe and effective.”

We know the FDA has autopsies of those who died post vax, but claims they cannot be released because of privacy regulations.

Pathologists from around the world have conducted autopsies of those who died shortly after receiving the vaccines. In Germany, a highly regarded pathologist discovered that of 15 people who died after taking the vaccine, 14 died directly from the vaccine.

We now know that vaccines were never safe nor effective. Contrary to the CDC’s initial statements, the spike proteins generated by the vaccines can travel to your liver where it reverse transcribes and travels to various organs in your body where it remains for weeks or months. Researchers still do not know the extent of the damage the spike proteins cause. So far they have been linked to myocarditis, thrombocytopenia, cancers coming out of remission, neurological damage, heart attacks and more.

We know that at the same time the CDC swore no one had died from the mRNA vaccines, Pfizer documents, that had to be dragged out of he CDC and Pfizer by multiple court orders reveled this to be a lie. In fact, 1223 people had already died within the first 90 days of the drugs release to the public.

The effects on pregnant women were worse. While the CDC told women who were pregnant or about to become pregnant the vaccines were safe, Pfizer’s data said the opposite. We learned Pfizer purposely excluded pregnant women from the trials, so there was no way to know the effects. However, 270 pregnant women did receive. Most were later dropped from the program with no follow up. Of the 34 pregnancies that are known, the report indicates that 28 babies died either in utero or upon birth. Only one outcome was reported as normal, and the remaining five were reported as “pending.”

Finally there is evidence coming out of France that the vaccinated can shed their vaccines contaminating those around them.

It is no wonder there are fears the vaccine can be transmitted through a blood transfusion. The American Red Cross claim that does not happen as their blood is filtered. Others say the tiny particle that can damage your immune system cannot be filtered out. Only more research will tell for certain.

Where can people get safe unvaccinated bloods?

Researcher James Roguski has done a brilliant job of accumulating resources to help those who want to share/receive non-vexed blood. I urge you to sign on to several of these organizations and become part of the sharing community.

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