by Tom Arnold, ©2022

(Nov. 30, 2022) — The motto of our country’s Central Intelligence Agency is “AND YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE.”  It is from Bible verse John 8:32 and is engraved on the walls of the Original Headquarters Building (OHB) in Langley.  Whether or not the Agents, sometimes satirically called “spooks,” KNOW THE TRUTH and conduct their business accordingly is, in my view looking back on history, not an unreasonable question to ask.  That’s where my expression of doubt contained in the above title comes into play.  I regret to say that I am not convinced that in all cases the Agency finds the truth and/or tells the truth.  If and when they do, though, would it make them and anyone else free?

What this presentation actually is about is THE TRUTH.  You may not agree that all (or any) of what I’m going to tell you is true.  I do believe, though, that it is wise to be critical in one’s approach to things, but not closed-minded or an obstructionist. I am willing to guarantee you that, no matter what you think, the events which I am about to describe are NOT “disinformation” or “conspiracy theories!” 

I admit that my purpose is to influence your thinking so that it might result in your knowing what is true and adapting your behavior in ways that will benefit, not destroy, our society and once-great country.  So, do not be afraid to “test your knowledge” of the HISTORICAL AND TRUE EVENTS BELOW (references are not provided, because you are welcomed and encouraged to research these matters yourself, as I have done for years).  

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear any cases brought to it which concern the controversial definition of “natural born Citizen” (Article II, Section 1, Clause 5), which is the constitutional requirement for someone to be eligible for and become elected president (or vice president) of the United States.  Related to this is the fact that Associate Justice Clarence Thomas stated in 2010 that the high court was “evading” the issue!

Citizen jury trials held at ATLAH Ministeries Church, New York City, in 2010, and Ocala, Florida, in 2013, separately convicted 44th President Barack Obama of numerous crimes including Sedition and Fraud and in the process cited Obama’s FORGED Hawaiian “birth certificate” as being evidence in support of the convictions.  The Ocala citizens’ jury sentenced Obama in absentia to ten years total in federal prison for ELECTION FRAUD which he committed on both the state and national levels.

I believe our country’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) mentored and trained Barack Obama from an early age (he fit the description of the type of person they were looking for), hired him as an agent/contractor working for them as an interpreter on-site in the Middle East, helped him enter Harvard Law School, introduced him to influential and powerful persons, and with advisor and “fix-it man” John Brennan (appointed CIA Director by Obama, a position in which he served from 2013 to 2017) was groomed by the Agency, the Democrat Party, and others to be a presidential candidate.  This is NOT a part of the CIA’s mission, and quite likely may have been unlawful.  Despite questions about Obama’s constitutional eligibility and background, he was elected president in November 2008 and sworn into office by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. in January 2009 (and for a second term from 2013 to 2017).  I have no doubt and consider it to be a fact that Chief Justice Roberts had been made aware of Obama’s background and constitutional presidential eligibility problems.

Obama’s background included citizenship and allegiance to THREE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES (British Kenya, assuming the identity of his alleged biological father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. is factual; Indonesia, where he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, acquired Indonesian citizenship, and was given the adoptive name Barry Soetoro, which he used on official documents when he came to the continental United States and enrolled in Occidental College in Los Angeles; and the United States of America, providing that he applied for and was granted citizenship as a naturalized citizen (NOT the same as a natural born citizen!). 

Obama’s vice president and our country’s current 46th president, Joe Biden (who defeated incumbent 45th President Donald Trump in the widely disputed 2020 general election), began his national political career in the state of Delaware in 1972.  He defeated the popular incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Caleb Boggs by a very narrow margin (approximately 3,000).  Biden was age 29 at the time, which made him one of the youngest U.S. Senators in history (today Biden is age 80).  It is a fact that Biden’s election was assisted by The Teamsters Union and one individual in particular, mobster and hit man Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran (who ultimately became Jimmy Hoffa’s bodyguard and at the end of his life made the unsubstantiated confession that it was he, Sheeran, who had shot and killed Hoffa).  The manner in which Sheeran and The Teamsters helped Biden become elected U.S. Senator in 1972 was by organizing a picket line and strike to prevent Caleb Boggs’ anti-Biden campaign pamphlets put in newspapers from being delivered to newsstands, paper carriers, and readers.  It is noted that Bill Stevenson (Jill Biden’s husband at the time) raised $3,000 as payment to the union for the election interference.  Afterwards, Sheeran made the statement that Senator Joe Biden was always available to the union and willing to listen.  It is not known where or by whom today’s oft-used “Biden Crime Family” expression originated.

The “Biden Crime Family” and its crime boss patriarch, Joe Biden, have made millions of dollars over the years by using America’s name in “pay-to-play,” “influence-peddling” schemes with foreign officials and corporations.  Some of the foreign “players” have been Russia, China, and Ukraine.  The implication that our country now is beholden to these others due to the large amounts of monies and gifts which they paid to Joe Biden and the Biden family is doubtlessly a reality and should be an ongoing national security concern.

The Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation both interfered in the 2020 general election process in an effort to help Democrat Joe Biden defeat incumbent Republican President Donald Trump.  The CIA’s participation came in the form of a letter released by Politico to the public on October 19, 2020, which 51 former Intelligence Community officials signed stating that the infamous laptop and emails of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, were likely “Russian disinformation.”  Signatories included former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Directors Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, and John Brennan.  The FBI’s activities involved their hiring a Russian spy (Igor Danchenko) who worked for them in 2020 to verify the claims made against Donald Trump in the now-debunked Hillary Clinton-sponsored Steele dossier.  Also, the FBI had access to the incriminating Hunter Biden laptop in 2019 and misrepresented to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg weeks in advance of the 2020 election that a supposed “dump” of Russian disinformation was forthcoming.  As a result, Zuckerberg suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story.  The voters in 2020 knew nothing about it!

American society is different in almost every way today.  It was Barack Obama who told us that he would “fundamentally transform” our country.  He was true to his word, and, even after his presidency, the transformation of America has not only continued, but accelerated.  My opinion (not offered necessarily as being provably true) is that our contemporary society is a reflection of the ideologies and behaviors of Barack and Michelle/Michael Obama and their associates.  Think about it.  Today, there is an emphasis on racism in practically every aspect of our lives.  Critical Race Theory, a concept of Karl Marx, is being taught in our schools.  Parts of American history are being cancelled and rewritten.  LGBTQ+ is unabashedly celebrated and practiced.  Otherwise deviant forms of sexual behavior and pornography are commonplace.  Violence on the streets in our cities (for example, Chicago) is rising exponentially.  Our military arguably is confounded and less prepared and powerful than before.  WOKE ideology (alertness to racial injustice, discrimination, and other alleged social inequalities) has become the new “law of the land.”  Our country is in decline, courtesy of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and those in government and business who supported him (as if blindly). 

Thirty-fifth President of the United States John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963 (fifty-nine years ago).  Commissions investigating the assassination were held, and ultimately the decision was made by our government to withhold from the public certain documents related to the assassination until October 27, 2017.  President Donald Trump at that time delayed the release of many of the remaining Kennedy assassination files.  President Joe Biden then pushed back on giving any further information to the public until December 15, 2022.  Reportedly, there are 15,000 documents still to be released, of which 70% are “controlled” by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Since I have endeavored to tell you, the readers, only things that are known to be TRUE, I will withhold my educated guess and gut instincts about what information is contained in those remaining files and how exactly the CIA is involved.   

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  1. From the article: [“He defeated the popular incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Caleb Boggs by a very narrow margin (approximately 3,000). Biden was age 29 at the time, which made him one of the youngest U.S. Senators in history ……….”] Was this Biden guy 30 years of age when sworn-into the U.S. Senate?

    If the shoe fits – CIA (Covert Institution of Assassinations).