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(Nov. 21, 2022) — The RINO Republican Party leadership is positioning RINO Ronna Romney McDaniel now to deny Trump the party’s nomination in 2024.

The Democrats cannot defeat Donald Trump in a fair presidential election. They have gotten away with their software methods of manipulating election results and they have used up their hardware manipulation methods. They would not get away with software or hardware manipulation in ’24.

They have tried direct legal attacks at impeaching Trump and are now trying to make Trump
ineligible by fabricating a false narrative about the January 6th riot at the Capitol.

It becomes clearer and clearer day by day that this plan will not work for the Left. But they will not stop their assault on Trump. That much is perfectly clear.

The last avenue to their objective of defeating Trump in ’24 is to derail his campaign through the employment of RINOS within the Republican Party just as Ron Paul’s attempt at being the Republican Party’s nominee in 2011 was derailed through GOP leadership RINOS.

At the 2011 GOP State Convention in Shreveport, Louisiana where the majority of delegates chosen by small groups of Republicans across the state were instructed by the registered Republicans who chose them to represent them at the state and national GOP conventions to nominate Ron Paul, the RINO Republican leadership stole Louisiana’s nomination from Ron Paul by manipulating the rules under which the state convention is conducted and forcefully silenced the delegates.

My theory that this is the way in which the Democrats plan to steal the election from Trump this time is evidenced by the fact that the RINOS are right now attempting to re-elect RINO Ronna Romney McDaniel as the RNC chair. The RNC controls the money vicariously through each and every state’s GOP organization, how the states arrive at the delegates they will send to the National GOP Convention and how those delegates are commanded to vote. Yes, “commanded.”

Read the article, ‘They’re On the Other Side: Republican Establishment Is Gathering Votes to Reelect Ronna Romney McDaniel as RNC Chair’ at

From the article: “Ronna Romney McDaniel is the current Chair of the Republican National Committee. McDaniel just blew another huge victory for the Republican party and the country. Yet, the party elites want to keep her as chairwoman. Ronna Romney McDaniel has performed horribly – she allowed two massive election wins to be stolen by the Democrats.”

Look, too, at how RINO Kevin McCarthy used FTX funding to sway GOP primaries away from Trump! Trump has to defeat the Democrats and the RINO faction within the Republican Party! Read the article, “Kevin McCarthy Used FTX Funding to Sway GOP Primaries and Take Out MAGA Favorite Madison Cawthorn” at

From the article: “How Kevin McCarthy’s political machine worked to sway the GOP field” – WaPo, September 27, 2022. “This is really a stunning report. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy used FTX funding to sway GOP primaries away from Trump supporters.”

The Left stole the presidency from Trump in 2020 by hacking software. They stole the Senate in the midterm elections last week with theatrically orchestrated hardware failures along with capitalizing on early and mail-in voting, legally and illegally, by harvesting ballots. According to some reports, ballots were discarded that were not filled out “correctly” for their candidates.

Conservatives have to be asking the question, “Why did the Republican Party not have a ground game for obtaining large numbers of early votes and large numbers of mail-in ballots legally?”

But, in ’24 the Left will not be able to steal the election with software or staged “mechanical failures” of hardware because the conservative Right is on to those methods.

Unfortunately, the conservative Right is always one step behind the Left when it comes to stopping them from stealing elections.

We cannot afford to fail in ’24. We must stop the steal! We must get out in front of the efforts of the tyrannical Left.

The Progressive-Socialist Left will be matched vote for vote in the ground game of harvesting votes before Election Day, as that is what we conservatives must do. We must meet our adversary on the battlefield of early voting and deny them mail-in ballot dominance in every election.

That leaves only one avenue still open for the Democrats to turn to in order to reach their objective of stealing the election from Trump in ’24, and it’s one they’ve been down before!

The Democrats, through their RINO wing within the Republican Party, are right now, Nov. 20th, 2022, evidently focused on getting RINO Ronna Romney McDaniel reelected as the RNC chair. From that position, she can do her best to deny Trump the GOP nomination through the entirely manipulable Roberts Rules of Order that have been proven subject to the whims of the GOP leadership within each individual state and nationally, as exemplified in the 2011 Louisiana debacle where the GOP state leadership changed the Roberts Rules of Order while delegates from around the state were in their cars on the way to the convention.

The Left already knows they can get away with changing the rules in the middle of the game so they will use this capability to their advantage to defeat Trump.

It is my contention that the example for us conservatives to learn from in order to understand how the Left will attempt to defeat Trump in ’24 and to get out in front of their forces and STOP THE STEAL is the 2011 Louisiana State GOP Convention.

I’m not saying that the way the RINOS stole the nomination from Ron Paul in Louisiana is precisely how the RINO leadership in the GOP around the country will steal the election from Trump; I’m saying that their efforts will be focused at the state GOP conventions and then at the National GOP Convention prior to the election, because it’s going to be extremely hard for them to get away with any more of their election theft by the hardware and software methods that have worked for them in recent years.

Years after the debacle at the 2011 Louisiana GOP State Convention I was volunteering for Sen. David Vitter’s campaign when I met one of Sen. Vitter’s personal security detail. He was a young guy, and when I expressed how disgusted I was with the GOP State Convention in 2011, he told me how he was there as security for the state GOP and that the police on-site requested that he be deputized on the spot as they were informed that the delegates who would soon be arriving were going to be very upset and that they did not have time to get more law enforcement manpower to the convention on such short notice.

That is the definition of a police state!

The Shreveport Police were instructed by the GOP leadership to kick the delegates who would not vote the way they were told to vote—for Mitt Romney—off the property. One man was seriously injured. It used to be easy to find YouTube videos of the fiasco, but those videos have apparently been scrubbed. I suggest that the question be posited: “Why were those videos scrubbed from YouTube?” At any rate I could not find them with Google or with Duckduckgo.

I would like to get this message to someone in the Republican Party who would be able to do something about it and prevent the RINOS from undermining Trump’s chances of being elected president in ’24.

I don’t have a lot of faith in the Republican Party that was not smart enough to engage in the ballot harvesting legally as well as in efforts to increase Republican candidate votes through mail-in ballots.

The state GOP conventions are now the weakest link in the system we have to elect our president.

The RINO Republican Party leadership is positioning RINO McDaniel now to deny Trump the party’s nomination in 2024.

Read the article, “Louisiana GOP Convention Splits; Ron Paul Wins Majority Convention” – The New American. By Thomas R. Eddlem.

Chris Farrell
Nov. 20, 2022

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  1. I was coaching people in several states in 2011-2012 leading up to the Tampa convention. Louisiana was just one example. Many of the state parties will reorganize and have state conventions in 2023. At those state conventions, in most cases, the state committees will be elected. Beginning in late 2023 or early 2024 conventions to election delegates to the national convention will be again. Just prior to that the RNC will set the rules for the national convention. Contact me. 909-274-0813