November 21, 2022

Dear Editor,

Bravo, Angela Shanahan, “Gay marriage has given our society little to celebrate,” WEA 19-20/11, for highlighting the diminishing of all-important Western society cornerstone- established precedence: certainly, when it comes to same-sex marriage, along with the financial, verbal, and career/business-threatening bludgeoning into silence of its non-supporters (as is now happening to those questioning the wisdom of the trans-fads so very prevalent today)!

Reality: the rules of precedent developed by the English common law, starting with the Magna Carta, are based on the principle that to be fair, the law must, as far as possible, be predictable.

The development of the common law did not come to an end at the passing of any Human Rights Acts!

How might one apply these to issues that now affect us? Perhaps we could begin with man and woman?

After all, without man and woman, those promoting social construct of gender would not exist!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. I do believe that the same sex promoters hijacked the word “gay” as a smoother and covert Trojan horse-type transition to that lifestyle. I also like to believe that this hijacking was done after the following theme song was ‘chiseled in stone’.