by Patra Minocha, Brave Hill Productions, ©2022

(Nov. 7, 2022) — Myocarditis and heart attacks are killing young teens. 
Young adults are dropping dead, like the world has never seen.
32 Canadian doctors died a few days after 4th booster they got.
Athletes and Airline Pilots suffering cardiac arrest from Covid shots. 
Approximately 2.2 billion seriously injured.  20 million have died.
Covid vaccine injuries and deaths are being reported worldwide.

Emergencies Act Inquiry, a ‘civil formality’ that has taken focus off vaccine fatalities.

Testimonies of peaceful protesters presented before Emergencies Act Commission
Portray the pain and anguish from Covid deaths, suicides and social division.

                   Nursing home lockdowns, elderly held captive in a prison’s isolation…
Forbidden to see their families… dying from hunger, neglect and starvation.

Families losing jobs for just refusing the jab…
Unemployment soars, businesses closing doors; hearts broken and sad.

Freedom Convoy 2022 brought hope back to Canadians.     
Protests were filled with love, laughter and celebrations.

Children playing in bouncy castles and strangers hugging in the streets…           
Canadian Truckers’ Convoy gave people a platform for ‘silenced citizens’ to speak.

Horns honking happily to sound the alarm…
Warning citizens how Covid shots are causing Canadians great harm.

Deprived of Charter Rights, denied a constitutional voice…
Trudeau’s ‘totalitarian tyranny’ stole our civil liberties, leaving citizens no choice.

Millions of Canadians from provinces across the nation,
Joined hands in jubilation, uniting for freedom’s’ restoration.

            Canadian Truckers’ Convoy became a catalyst for liberty across the world…
Lighting the path for freedom… humanity united in one accord.

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