by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 6, 2022) — An email time-stamped “9:34 p.m.” reports that True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and TTV contractor Gregg Phillips were released from the Texas federal prison to which they were relegated last Monday morning by U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth M. Hoyt.

Hoyt found the two in contempt of court due to their refusal to supply the name of a witness during an evidentiary demonstration Phillips was called to attend last year claiming that U.S. election-worker data was relayed to servers in China from the software company which managed it, Konnech, Inc.

Konnech has denied the allegation. On October 4, its CEO, Eugene Wu, was arrested for alleged involvement in “the possible theft of personal identifying information” of U.S. poll workers.

Hoyt has stated Wu’s arrest is a separate issue from Konnech’s lawsuit against True the Vote over which he is presiding.

On Wednesday TTV attorneys appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for Engelbrecht and Phillips’s immediate release, which Konnech stridently opposed in a reply brief filed Saturday evening.

According to the email, also posted on TTV’s site, “Catherine will be on streaming live right here to fill you in on all the details along with advice for Election Day on Tuesday.” Engelbrecht normally hosts a one-hour broadcast each Monday evening at that time available to subscribers.

Earlier Sunday, a three-minute audio of Phillips announcing a new Locals group based on his podcast, “Patriot Games,” was released without reference to when he and Engelbrecht might be freed.

In response to the news, TTV spokesman Brian Glicklich released a statement from Engelbrecht thanking the appellate court for its intervention.

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