November 4, 2022

Dear Editor,

Infrastructure? Really? Almost everywhere you go in Victoria there are potholes; here, there, and everywhere you’re ambushed with a shuddering wheelrim-jarring and buckling, almighty crunch – felt right throughout your body!

And that’s just how it is under the Andrews-led Labor government. Ambulance response times, power prices, SES resources, hospital waiting lists, Covid-19 quarantine and tracing policies, massive cost overruns and state government debt for future generations…the list of Andrews-led Labor potholes goes on. 

So next time you see, feel, hear of, or even sense yet another big bump in the road, you will know what life will continue to be like if the Andrews Labor Government is re-elected: one huge, car-damaging, bone-jarring, and wallet/purse-emptying pothole in all aspects of all Victorians’ lives!

And if he loses? 

Victoria, Australia Premier Daniel Andrews, CC by SA 4.0

Just like his infrastucture, chances are he’ll go underground, disappearing down one of those great potholes, just up the road from you! 


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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