by Tom Arnold, ©2022

Screenshot: C-Span

(Nov. 3, 2022) — 1.  When Joe Biden’s lips move, he is not lying!  He is telling the truth.

     2.  Obama was our country’s “first Black president.”  

     3.  Barack and Michelle (aka Michael) are “straight,” i.e., not LGBTQ+.

     4.  The FBI is an apolitical agency with no interest or involvement in political affairs.

     5.  The CIA never assassinated anyone, never operated outside its mission to collect intelligence on foreign countries and global issues, and never usurped the rights of the American public and electorate by covertly handpicking and grooming someone to be a Manchurian Candidate and future president (for example, Barack HUSSEIN Obama).  

     6.  Former CIA Director John O. Brennan had no role in the agency’s politicization, vis-a- vis Obama.   

     7.  Our country’s woke and all-inclusive military under Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Army General Mark A. Milley (who testified that he wanted to “understand White Rage”), is stronger than ever.  

     8.  The U.S. Supreme Court and, in particular, Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., are not activists or politically partisan.  

     9.  It is your lucky day when an officious-looking, well-dressed, and likely armed man or woman (I’m not a biologist) knocks on your front door and announces, “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help you!”  

    10.  In November 2020, Joe Biden was declared president in a free and fair election which was not influenced by the actions of the FBI or others (in or outside the federal government) who might have been concerned in part that incumbent President Donald Trump might ramp up efforts to disclose public corruption and “drain the swamp.” 

The above items, like it or not, are REAL, TRUE-TO-LIFE examples of what the Biden Administration calls “disinformation.”  I present them to you not tongue-in-cheek, but in a very serious way.  Furthermore, I believe that expressing MY OPINIONS, whether or not you like them or believe they are true, is protected by the 1st Amendment.  A couple of final words: THESE “OPINIONS” ARE TRUE! 

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  1. As a serious watcher of what has been going on for the last 30+ years I can attest that every word of this article is accurate!!!!! Sadly, it is actually worse than stated here!!!!! The gop is primarily made up of establishment hacks more interested in the personal wealth and power the devildemocommiecrats offer those who will “go along to get along” by rubber stamping everything they do!!!!! Oh, the establishment will bluster and bleat but they do NOTHING to stop the destructive agenda of the marxists politicians, bureaucrats, and the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists!!!!! There are some good republicans but mcconnell and mccarthy keep them far from any meaningful positions in the caucus!!!!!!!!!!