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(Oct. 23, 2022) — In this interview, Dr. Leland Stillman discusses his new book, “Dying to be Free: How America’s Ruling Class Is Killing and Bankrupting Americans, and What to Do About It.” He shares his views on both the conventional and alternative health care systems, and how an entirely new health care system can, and is, being built that is focused on maintaining health rather than managing disease.

Stillman’s Background

“I grew up in a very conventional family,” Stillman says. His mother recalls him being a healthy, happy baby until his first round of vaccines, after which he became fussy, suffering from frequent colds and ear infections. His sister also suffered adverse effects from her childhood vaccines, which prompted his mother to seek alternative medical solutions.

“Over my childhood and teenage years, I remember going to homeopaths, dowsers, CranioSacral therapists; I mean, everybody and anybody. We did cupping, which is a Southeast Asian medical practice. We tried a lot of things. We tried supplements and herbs and all kinds of weird stuff. I thought it was fascinating.

My dad thought it was total hocus pocus … Anyway, I became fascinated by health … I gravitated towards a naturopath who was a very old-school, self-taught, never went to official school, never had a diploma from a real, four-year institution … He did muscle testing, energy healing and all this stuff. I saw real value in what he did.

My dad thought it was total hocus pocus … Anyway, I became fascinated by health … I gravitated towards a naturopath who was a very old-school, self-taught, never went to official school, never had a diploma from a real, four-year institution … He did muscle testing, energy healing and all this stuff. I saw real value in what he did.

In retrospect, I always wonder how much of that was placebo and how much was real, but I can’t know that and, to a certain extent, I don’t care. What I learned was that there’s a lot of value in natural medicine, and there’s a lot of corruption in the conventional world …

At the end of the day, what really made me how I am is that I had all of these competing viewpoints in my life. I had conventional medicine that my dad wanted us to do — he still gets the flu shot and he got at least four [COVID] shots.

My mother is very alternative and integrative, but very much splits the difference. She got intimidated into getting two doses of Moderna, until she saw the light and realized this was a total scam. So I grew up in both worlds, and that forced me to think …

What really works, what matters, and what should we be doing? … It’s painful to watch people ignore the gradual devolution of American health, which is what my book is about and why I wrote it.”

Doctors Are Trapped in, and by, the System

According to Stillman, more and more young doctors are waking up to the problem inherent in the allopathic medical system. The problem is that many of them see no way out. “They’ve made it incredibly hard, by design, to start your own practice,” Stillman says. “They really want to keep all of the physicians corralled.”

A major part of that “prison” is debt. By the time you finish your medical training, your debt can easily be between $250,000 and $500,000. Starting your own business means you can fail, so most opt for a more secure income, which means working for a hospital.

“I think this is also part of why they really ruined organic reach on social media,” Stillman says. “It’s extremely difficult now to just start posting content on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. When they started, these platforms were very open, and it was easy for people to get to 100,000, 200,000, 300,000 people following them.

If you have that many people following you, it’s very easy to start a business, marketing to them, because even if you only have a tiny fraction of them come through, you’re able to pay your bills, pay yourself and make rent/mortgage payments, et cetera.

Particularly for physicians, as they get out of their training, they’ve been starved for income. They’ve been making $50,000 to $55,000 a year, working 12 out of 15 days … and working 80- to 100-hour weeks; 60 was light …

The doctors come out, and they say, ‘Now I can afford nice things. I can finally buy that BMW, and I can finally get the nice house, and so they wind up living paycheck to paycheck with no plan to pay off their debt until 2050, 2060, 2070, and they get to live a nice life. But if they miss one income period, all of their debts are in arrears …

So that’s how they’ve roped physicians into this [system], and there’s a lot more docs in the hospital, who wish they hadn’t gotten the COVID vaccine, who are faking their papers, without a doubt, or who got a couple shots and now are going to fake it, and they’re really upset. They’re really unhappy.

But it’s tough to get numbers on this, right? How would you get numbers on this? Everyone’s lying, and if they’re not lying and they’re telling the truth, well then, I guess we have really big problems.

But you can’t ruin people’s health so immediately after a thing like a vaccine and not have people wake up — and they’ve really put the pedal to the metal. It was one thing when it was five or six vaccines. Kids were getting asthma and allergies. It’s another thing when young people are dropping dead …

Even aside from all the adverse events, the way this [COVID jab issue] has divided society is unbelievable … The silver lining is it’s really getting people off the fence, so we know where people stand, and we can sort this out sooner, rather than continuing the kind of cold war between the home schoolers and the private schoolers and the vaccine choice on this side, and the public schools and the public health establishment on the other.”

Distilling the Best From Both Worlds

Stillman, for his part, went through medical school with the attitude of discerning what worked and what didn’t. “It became very clear after a very brief period of time, we can really make people better with acute, urgent, emergency care medicine, but 99% of the people in the ER and the urgent care wouldn’t be there if they had a healthy environment, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet,” he says. He continues:

“This is still true of the people in my practice, who know and understand integrative medicine and natural medicine and the value therein, but who were having trouble putting those pieces together. In our modern world, there’s so many things that can derail our health, so I just try to focus on what works here; what doesn’t work?

At the same time, in integrative medicine, natural medicine, there’s much that doesn’t work or isn’t important. People come into the office and they’re on 20 different supplements. It’s $1,000 a month. They can’t tell you how many thousands or tens of thousands of dollars they’ve spent on X, Y, Z over the years, without resolution of their problem.

Not all of natural medicine is what people need. You need different tools for different cases and, frequently, what people are ignoring is the fundamentals. They don’t get the glory a lot of the time because no one is spending their advertising dollars on them.

I just tried to focus on what works from both fields and then integrate that. I quickly realized that a lot of the luminaries out there on both sides were really corrupted, not necessarily out of any kind of malice or ill will, but a doctor would get famous for X, Y, or Z.

Then somebody would find a grant to throw at them, and pretty soon you’ve got the Plant-Based Medicine Institute at X, Y, and Z University, and they’re running around telling everyone that they’re eating too much protein … and cricket flour is better than grass-fed beef because it’s richer in tryptophan and arginine. That’s what I saw happening in the conventional world … the IFM [Institute for Functional Medicine] crowd.

I’ve been running my own [concierge] practice since 2020, where I’ve put together the best of what I’ve learned in all those different places and with all the different experiences I’ve had as a traveling doctor, working in various states. Along the way, I’ve had different part-time jobs at different places and worked and mentored with different people, so I’ve had a really eclectic experience.”

Building a New System From the Ground Up

Stillman is now collaborating with Dr. Simone Gold. Through GoldCares Health & Wellness, for which Stillman is the wellness director, they’re creating a robust training for clinicians that incorporates the best of allopathic and natural medicine.

One of the biggest challenges right now is that they don’t own all the infrastructure that they’re dependent on. For example, when America’s Frontline Doctors went viral, their website was hacked and taken down within a matter of hours, and they had to rebuild it from scratch.

The same just happened to my own site just a few weeks ago. In addition to crashing the main site and the online store, the hackers also destroyed our email servers. The ability of outside agents to destroy your infrastructure is a weak spot that poses a constant threat to success.

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