October 15, 2022

Dear Editor,

Australian journalist Lisa Wilkinson in 2013 (CC by SA 2.0)

What to say to/of Lisa Wilkinson?

Stick with the facts. Don’t sully the truth.

The yet unconfirmed behaviour of two adults in Parliament House has become deceitful gossip fodder spread by this individual, who has breached her code of professional conduct as a journalist, employee, and public face of The Project. This immoral behaviour has been enabled by her employers, Channel 10 and Roving Enterprises, the production company of The Project

This ongoing trial by media cares not about facts, but defamation of a man’s character. 

Presumption of innocence has been abandoned. Natural justice has been thwarted. Due process had been denied.

A man continues to be defamed and has no option but to continue to live with the ongoing consequences of this journalist’s disregard for the rule of law (not to mention ethical investigative journalism).

Every day due process was denied is a day that a man cannot move on – regardless of outcome. It’s almost as though the behaviour of this journalist is encouraged to delay the trial and its outcome. 


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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