by Sharon Rondeau

All photos Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 10, 2022) – If only one moment could be captured and time be made to stand still, it would be this one, when I am surrounded by gold, red and orange in a dazzling display of nature’s progression from summer to winter.

The blazing summer is over with the long winter looming, but now, in between, is a stunning panorama of color as far as the eye can see, transforming lush, green growth into a cascade of bright tones against a brilliant blue sky.

When the sun shines on the red leaves, they light up like a flame; the gold leaves glow like embers and the orange ones burn bright, like the fire we will soon need for winter’s warmth.

I want it to last forever, but soon it will be gone.

But with spring there is always the promise of new life, when the world will turn green again.

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  1. Born an Army brat in Manchester NH and raised an Army brat from sea to shining sea and overseas as well, the only thing that comes anywhere close to the beauty of Autumn in New England is Winter in the Bavarian/Swiss Alps.

    However, nothing, NOTHING I’ve ever experienced comes anywhere close to my childhood memory of the sweet aroma of 2-3 foot high piles of fallen Autumn leaves burning along the Hall Street curb of our house at 374 Myrtle Street, Manchester N.H.

    Enjoy, Sharon.