October 1, 2022

Dear Editor,

Louis Pasteur, photo by Paul Nadar (public domain)

How true to form of Fiona Patten’s push to legalise cannabis, despite its documented contribution to the road toll, industrial accidents, and very serious mental health problems. While Australia was being mercilessly bludgeoned by a pandemic of the COVID-19 microbe; while effective vaccination/immunization is sought against its non-discriminating and all-inclusive scourge, Victorian MP Fiona Patten wanted to remove the Christian Lord’s Prayer from our Judeo/Christian-based, Western-society-adhering Victorian Parliament on the basis the Lord’s Prayer discriminates and is non-inclusive (even though Jewish-born Jesus Christ is a great prophet in Islam?).

What, Ms Patten, did one of history’s greatest-ever scientists, the “Father of Immunology” with vaccines against rabies, anthrax, cholera and his saving of so many millions and millions of children’s lives, “Pasteurisation” of milk Louis Pasteur, say about God (and what would he say about legalising the ills of cannabis)?

Let’s start with Pasteur’s, “The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator” and “Science brings men nearer to God.” Then his, “Little science takes you away from God, but more takes you to Him”; and finally, the “Father of Immunology” said, “Question your priorities often, make sure God always comes first.”

So, Ms Fiona Patten MP for The Reason (formerly “The Sex”) Party, it appears you’ve now given up “sex” (in excess?) in favor of being in Parliament, with avoiding the spread of certain health-damaging microbes your main “reason” (because wouldn’t both God and Louis Pasteur be pleased?).


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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