by Sarah Earlene Shere, Hosanna Heralds, ©2022

(Sep. 23, 2022) — “I have loved you with an everlasting love. Like a child of mine, I have drawn you up into my arms and held you close to my heart, accepting you just as you are, all that you are. You are my beautiful, precious pearl for which I have given everything in order to obtain you. What a wretchedly cheap price for one so priceless!”

The nurses had not heard the soft, earnest voice, nor seen the spirit of the king that made its way towards the invalid’s bed. But they saw the frail, withered, white hand of their queen slowly raise and her weak, blue eyes shine as they lifted and her voice quivered an inaudible whisper. With a tranquil expression upon her face, she then closed her eyes as she wilted back onto the silken pillow, exhaling her last breath on earth.

This is how the maple leaf told it to me, and this, it said, is what gave it the courage to let go of the branch from which it hung and let the breeze carry it away. For it felt that it had finally seen what true love was and, beyond that, there was nothing more that needed seen. And the maple leaf was quite right.

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