September 14, 2022

Union Jack, Wikipedia, public domain

Dear Editor,

Getting rid of the Union Jack, and “Invasion Day” instead of “Australia Day,” indeed?! Fed up with the likes of Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Sally Capp, so many woke-folk white folk, and ungrateful modern-day Aborigines (so very many with at least 25%-75% white-fella DNA anyway) rubbishing “Australia Day,” I’m proposing all Aussies of Anglo/Celtic and other European origins head back home to Britain, Ireland, and Europe, taking all our doctors, surgeons, and dentists.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service was pioneered by white Christian missionary The Reverend John Flynn (‘Flynn of the Inland’ fame), who was shocked by the outback death of Jimmy Darcy, an Aborigine, and 13- and 14-year-old Aboriginal girls (and their babies) dying during difficult births, along with Aboriginal boys bleeding to death after initiation (penis “modification”) ceremonies!

“Botany Bay” by Charles Gore, New South Wales government, public domain

Sorry, sorry! Forgot about taking our sheep back home, resulting in the Aborigines having to throw another ‘koala cutlet’ (or wombat sausage) on the barbie as they gather on the shores of Botany Bay every 26th of January, waiting (and praying) for the return of all those tall ships flying Great Britain’s…Union Jack!

Oh, before I go – do, please, read the progressives’ much-loved Australian historian, Prof Manning Clark’s “History of Australia”, Volume 3, “Beginning of an Australian Civilization,” page 170, where Monaro blacks massacred, then ate, Bega blacks; and read on in Volume 4, pages 350-353 where Clark wrote how Aboriginal Australians slaughtered and ate Chinamen (who were found to be most delectable)!

Now you know why so many “Indigenous” Australians (of all colours, origins, faiths, etc.) are so jolly happy to sing “God Save The King” (especially when every time King Charles III visits Australia not too far down the track).


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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