by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 13, 2022) — On Monday morning, NoogaRadio host David Tulis hosted Tennessee inmate Jason Lamar White for a phone interview from prison lasting approximately 40 minutes.

The interview begins at 5:27 here:

In 2017, White was convicted in the Shelby County Criminal Court without any definitive evidence connecting him to the alleged “conspiracy” to promote methamphetamine in a school zone, a point White stressed during the interview.

As The Post & Email has reported, White was indicted on a lower-level crime but convicted on a more serious one, yielding a sentence of 60 years in prison without the possibility of parole and a $2,000 fine. Currently at age 41, White told Tulis that short of any intervention, he is a “prisoner for life.”

When Tulis suggested that evidence of corruption in White’s case might be presented to a grand jury, White correctly stated that judges in the state of Tennessee are permitted to hand-pick the grand jury foreman, thereby installing an individual who will accede to the judge’s wishes and not necessarily represent the citizens of the county in rooting out crime and protecting the innocent.

In 2019 White was sent to New Mexico to serve his sentence, making it virtually impossible for him to access Tennessee law in order to prepare the appeals, post-conviction petitions and extraordinary appeal he has managed to file on his own behalf.

In June White was transported back to Shelby County for a long-awaited hearing in July on his post-conviction petition over which the trial judge, Robert “Bobby” Carter, Jr., presided. As Tulis emphasized, Carter reportedly retired August 31 but is inexplicably expected to issue a ruling on the July proceedings on Thursday.

The new district attorney general, Steve Mulroy, considered a “progressive,” pledged to form a “conviction review unit” if elected, which White mentioned to Tulis after citing the “corruption” he believes has permeated his case from Mulroy’s predecessor, DAG Amy Weirich, to Carter himself.

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