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What do the Democrats stand for today?

(Sep. 12, 2022) — As the metastasizing of the Democrat Party continues to unfold, we are now – once again – treated to the core reason why this happens: the insect “leaders” of that political party are never – as in never ever – held accountable for their misdeeds.  Enabled, excused and rationalized by the party’s obedient propaganda arm – the mainstream media – high-profile Democrats can lie, steal, cheat and in some instances avoid responsibility for the actual deaths of Americans…, without investigation or consequence.  This is a recipe for disaster. 

It is also a cause for alarm in the rest of the populace, as it can easily lead to more problematic outcomes: the Republic needs another civil war like it needs another hour – let alone another full term – with Brandon the Goofball at the helm.

It is one thing to have to endure incompetent chief executive administrations.  Since the founding, the Republic has suffered through many such incompetent bureaucratic assemblies representing both sides of the political aisle.  No one ever claimed that a democratic republic was perfect…, only that it is better than any other one yet devised by man.  Yes, Virginia: “man.”   

But that which was once merely a metaphorical aisle separating the two major parties has become a gaping chasm.  Unless one is willing to construct a colossal structure spanning a chasm across which the two sides might “reach,” the current political divide seems far too wide a span to “bridge.”  On one side are the patriots who seek to defend, perpetuate and “keep” the Republic; on the other side are the Democrats or, at minimum, their “leaders,” intent on the opposite.

While governmental incompetence is one thing, it is quite another to suffer the not-infrequent anti-American and outright evil motivations of today’s Democrat Party.  For example, following Brandon’s recent “Republicans who voted for Trump are enemies of the state” diatribe in Philadelphia, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy characterized the screed as “star spangled stupid.”  A more accurate label would be “star spangled sinister.” 

In his mislabeled Philadelphia “unity” speech,” the Goof slandered “MAGA” Republicans as “enemies of the state.”  He also had previously issued a not-so-veiled threat to Trump supporters that if they resisted and wanted to do battle with the Goof and his policies, they’d better be prepared to contend with F-15’s. Really?

In fact, so-called “MAGA” Republicans are the patriots pointing out that it is the Goof and his unlawful, extra-constitutional policies, enabled and facilitated by an apparatchik Fourth Estate, that represent the “clear and present danger” threatening the survival of the Republic as envisioned by the Founders and as we have known it. 

But I digress.

This sinister, anti-American and frequently evil characteristic is most clearly embodied in its current “leaders,” including Brandon (“no-American-will-be-abandoned-in-Afghanistan”) the Goof, Chuck (“unleashed-the-whirlwind”) Schumer, Nancy (the “Wretch from San Crapcisco”) Pelosi and, most recently, Hillary (“BleachBit…, what BleachBit?”) Clinton.  The most recent confirmation of the sinister and deceitful methodologies utilized by these intellectual termites comes in HRC’s faux outrage over renewed attention to the nearly 32,000 emails that she ordered deleted via BleachBit (oh…, and sledgehammers too…) from her cell phones and other devices back in 2015. 

Constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley captures the deceptive nature of HRC’s diversionary linguistic gymnastics here as she engages in a “look-at-the-monkey-over-there” ruse festooned with $30 a pop “But Her Emails” caps.

HRC bleats that all those emails were “personal” and that there were no governmental “classified” or “secret” emails among them.  Apart from the diametrically-opposite findings of the Department of Justice, by deceptively trying to redirect the discussion to whether there were any such “classified” or “secret” messages so designated deleted, she seeks to divert attention away from other emails which could be far more damaging and potentially even more incriminating. 

As then-congressman Trey Gowdy noted: “When you’re using BleachBit, it is something you really do not want the world to see.”  Time to revisit – again, thanks to HRC’s fevered bleating – what happened in Benghazi in September, 2012.  Stated otherwise, the BleachBit Bimbo exhorts everyone to “look at the monkey over there” to shield from questioning and examination the fact that she destroyed email information under congressional subpoena seeking Benghazi information …, a felony.   

Hillary Clinton testifying to the U.S. House Select Committee on Benghazi, October 22, 2015

Recall that the congressional subpoenas served on her before the purported “personal” emails were destroyed were from the House Select Committee on Benghazi and sought information relating  to its investigation into the Sept. 11, 2012, deadly attack on the U.S. facilities in Libya.  Recall as well that there is no statute of limitations on murder or conspiracy to murder when a murder actually takes place.

Quite apart from whether there were any emails regarding Slick Willie’s trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” or any relating to what would become the completely fraudulent “Russia Collusion Hoax” launched against President Trump, did any of the deleted messages relate to Benghazi? 

More specifically, were there any emails destroyed which involved communications among HRC and/or the Goof Brandon while he was vice-president and/or one Barack Hussein Obama Jr. relating to the catastrophe at Benghazi?  Recall that U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, along with State Department employee Sean Smith and former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, died at Benghazi because those who would have sooner gone to their aid were repeatedly ordered to “stand down.”  

There is much to unpack regarding why the “stand down” order was given, who ultimately ordered it and, of even greater importance, why the order was given.  These issues – including the “botched kidnapping” issue – are addressed here.  

There is for more than minimal empirical evidence to suggest that the tragedy of Benghazi occurred because of a botched kidnapping plot hatched by U.S. officials.  The plot would have allowed the “kidnapping” of Ambassador Stevens as part of an exchange ploy for the imprisoned Egyptian “Blind Shiek,” Omar Abdel-Rahman, just before the 2012 general election.  The structured kidnapping of Stevens and timed exchange for Abdel-Rahman would be calculated to be the “October Surprise” needed by the Democrats and Obama to ensure his re-election two months later in November, 2012. 

The details are too convoluted to repeat here.  Curious P&E readers, however, may want to revisit the issues discussed here, herehere and here.  Interestingly, in a Washington (“Democracy Dies in Darkness”) Post article from January 28, 2013, it is reported that then-al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri released a video in October 2012 in which he called on Egyptians “to kidnap Americans to exchange for the blind sheik.”  Hey, if the Americans couldn’t pull off the structured fake kidnapping of Stevens in Benghazi, maybe the Egyptians could achieve the real thing…, with a different American, of course.

Ummm…, wasn’t al-Zawahiri just recently droned off to meet his 72 virgins in a Kabul surgical strike ordered by the Goof?  Convenient…, no? 

Suffice it to say for present purposes that if, in fact, such emails between and/or among HRC, Brandon and Obama existed at one time, but have now been BleachBit eradicated – ahem…, while under congressional subpoena – what else might HRC (or, for that matter Brandon or Obama) say other than that they were “not classified” but were “personal” in nature?  Huh? 

And remember what Trey Gowdy said: when you resort to sledgehammers and BleachBit, you really, really don’t want people to know what you are eradicating.

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  1. BENGHAZI was, in the real world outside Washington DC, CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER. Potentially guilty suspects were Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton, who was Secretary of State, and Leon “Former Spook Director” Panetta, who was Secretary of Defense at the time. An absolutely guilty suspect was COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (constitutionally and otherwise unqualified). Instead of responding to the attack on Benghazi by going to the Capitol’s Situation Room and/or communicating orders to his generals and admirals, HE, OBAMA, WAS “AWOL” OVERNIGHT ON 9-11 and 9-12-2012, ALLEGEDLY BECAUSE HE WAS PREPARING FOR A RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN TRIP TO LAS VEGAS THE FOLLOWING DAY (9-12-2012)! SAY WHAT? I HAVE A BRIDGE I’LL SELL YOU! And, just so you will understand, what OBAMA did (or rather did NOT do), it was the legal equivalent of a doctor visiting his/her patient in the hospital and failing to notice (or check on) the life support tubes. The life support unfortunately had been disconnected, and the doctor’s patient died as a result. The doctor could have been charged with criminally negligent manslaughter. And, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A FAR LESS SERIOUS CASE THAN OBAMA’s AND INCLUDING THE SUBSEQUENT AND SHAMEFUL COVER-UP (WITH SUSAN RICE AND OTHERS) OF WHAT REALLY HAD TAKEN PLACE! OBAMA WAS RE-ELECTED PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF TWO MONTHS LATER! The House Benghazi Committee (chaired or co-chaired by a one-time astute federal prosecutor and lawyer, US Rep Trey Gowdy) PUNTED! No one that I know of was held accountable! Such is life in the unreal world in our DISNEYLAND-like capitol! GOWDY got out of government, and not long afterwards was hired for a job with FAUX NEWS!