September 9, 2022

Dear Editor,

“Bravo for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau!” for banning assault-type weapons in Canada in 2020!

US President Joe Biden, please do something before more innocent Americans are slaughtered! Australia is America’s greatest and most consistent military ally! Yet, only a few years ago, your lax gun laws saw the senseless, Oklahoma back-shooting murder of a young rising Aussie sports star “making it big” in the US of A!

Make no mistake: former US President Barack Obama genuinely wanted to remove (as would I) the wrong sort of guns from the wrong sort of people in US civilian life. However, the pro-gun lobby did not want to give Obama a moral (and political) victory far in excess of what he then deserved (in their eyes) and the situation then warranted. But not now, because the world now sees the average Yank as a helium balloon (never real flowers), stretch limo (never had a “my-first-car” clunker), fast food t’go (never had a home-cooked meal), cyber life existence (never “first-kissed” a real girl or boy), and finally, as a “homeowner” SWAT team military arsenal…addict!, the last item, merely to wipe out the entire family next door if any of them ever parks across homeowner “SWAT Team No. One’s” driveway again!!

President Biden and America should follow the lead of one of Australia’s former prime ministers, John Howard, and totally ban all civilians from owning rifles and shotguns other than bolt action! (And very, very few civilian Australians are licence-permitted to carry easily concealed revolvers, let alone 16-shot magazine semi-auto pistols)! Please, President Biden…look how an evil, Australian nutter in recent years slaughtered 50 Kiwi innocents in New Zealand because of guns laws then nearly as lax as America’s!

To this recreational shooting-loving Aussie, the average civilian American wanting to own “assault” military-type (and large-magazined) weapons and/or “so-easily-concealed” semi-automatic pistols must have more “hang-ups than an Imelda Marcos wardrobe”! because to own such weapons would be akin to the Founding Fathers’ permission for 18th century US citizens to “home-own” entire batteries of 18th century cannons and mortars! Twenty-six innocents’ lives (so many so very tiny!) extinguished at a New England school by “non-civilian” weapons, and now another twelve at a Virginia Beach workplace and in Chicago in 2022 on 4th July Independence Day can neither be excused nor in any way tolerated in the name of “Gun Owners’ Rights”! This is not what the Founding Fathers intended!

US gun owners, your “gun rights” should be protected by only having the right type of people access the right type of guns in civilian life, because today, all patriotic Americans are rightly protected by America’s unique anti-missile missile: the “Patriot”! Inspired by one of your, greatest-ever patriots: the late and great President Ronald Reagan!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. Our founding fathers very well DID intend us to be armed! You want to make a distinction between home security and “non-civilian weapons” but you don’t understand when a tyrannical government wants to disarm us we will respond with everything we have in our arsenal. Like what the FBI, DOJ, USPS and now the IRS have. Make NO MISTAKE obama and biden are a communist regime and trying their best to turn us from citizens to serfs. Did you miss the part where biden one-upped our AR-15 ownership by threatening us with his F-15’s?
    I always admired Aussies and your beautiful continent but now I see you as cowards and sheep. The covid scam is your complete downfall. You let your government shoot you up with an untested “vaccine” and put you in isolation tents (prison) for refusing to get the poisonous jab.
    Furthermore I live in Oklahoma and familiar with the tragic senseless shooting of Christopher Lane. I didn’t blame the gun, I blamed the punks that had nothing better to do. I blame their upbringing. I blame their law enforcement for overlooking their thug behavior as they didn’t jump from dragging Main Street to MURDER. I blame the non- Justice system for not having severe deterrents. The death penalty for murder is appropriate but liberals think murderous thugs deserve to be with other murderous thugs to plot their gangland future.
    How dare you lecture us when you know nothing about what the founding fathers
    intended. And what part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand? We are smart enough to know that coming for our semi-auto weapons are just the beginning of dis-arming us. Our weapons and ammunition is the only thing standing between our liberty and biden’s fascist communist government. I don’t know what part of your commentary inflames me the most but I take particular umbrage at saying I have “more hang ups than Imelda Marco’s wardrobe.” I’m from Hawaii and I’m familiar with Imelda’s penchant for extravagances. On her many trips to Hawaii she would have Hawaii’s most famous department store, Liberty House” shut down so she and her entourage could shop in private. That’s facism. Study up on that, my Aussie Friend, and come back when you understand what the founding fathers meant in the 2nd Amendment. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  2. You may mean well, but it is shortsighted, and allows for those only with no regard for the law to impose by force, their will upon those who would be lawful, and thereby disarmed. I will not comply, nor do I hold the ideas of Aussies in the same regard as I would have in the past. Your government is not angelic or looking out for your best interest, but now mandate, require, force you against your will and have taken from you the right to choose. Guns are not evil. People, especially in power… are… and until you realize this, you are defenseless, vulnerable to their will. You are their property, to do with as they want. Good luck with that.
    In the meantime, you are entitled to your opinion… but not to my right to keep and bear arms.

  3. This person should mind his own business!!!!! He has no idea what our founders had in mind!!!!! Tyrants disarm citizens to make it easier to subjugate and murder them, look at Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Pol Pot, and other despots in the world!!!!! Keep your insane, evil “ideas” in australia and leave us alone!!!!! If devildemocommiecrats would put criminals in prison and keep them there America wouldn’t have violence problems, gun or otherwise!!!!! Evil people want to disarm those of us NOT murdering while letting murderers roam free!!!!! Criminals will always find a way to get guns of any kind because they don’t obey any laws!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT give up my guns, not to anyone for any reason!!!!! My rights are given by God not by man and I WILL NOT bow to tyranny!!!!!!!!!!