by Fredy Lowe, blogging at Canada Free Press, ©2022

(Sep. 7, 2022) — I have been remiss, not necessarily in hiding, but watching, reading, researching, and just so you know, I began scribbling notes for this piece back in late March, early April, but before the sun came up the following morning, a review of my ramblings proved to be—so yesterday! Things, then and to this very day, seem to be spiraling out of control at such a rapid pace during this period of time that Billy Joel could have written five new verses to “We Didn’t Start The Fire” but, unfortunately, this time—we did!

Before I move on, my title remained unchanged as the Latin phrase, “In This Sign, [of The Cross] We Shall Conquer!” with more details of why and how – to follow.

Most of us have been watching the world events of covid mandates, Russian war/sanctions, the pre-planned food-supply-disruptions, our out-of-control-inflationary-spiral and, by design, the skyrocketing costs of energy, working hand-in-hand with their social media censorship; everywhere we look with-opened-mouthed-astonishment at our representation of insanely arrogant liars, thieves, and fully-corrupted-politicians in the United States, Canada and, of course, those in the European Union.

But, it took the genius of Cliff High to succinctly warn us of their systemic depopulation scheme saying, “It all makes sense when you factor in [that] they want to kill us.” It is almost too difficult to measure in human terms the insanity of what that means, ‘cause almost never-really-matters.’ Know in your heart that evil-minded-politicians the world over, along with literally thousands of unelected bureaucrats, are working 24/7—for the main purpose of—exterminating human beings.

We at one time, both here in the US and Canada, were nations of survivors, but today there is little doubt that many will not survive as we run full-speed-ahead to the potential of a very dark and evil place that has not been seen, at least in America, for nearly 160 years.

Speaking of full speed, it has become absolutely mind-boggling when we pause for a-moment to realize the multi-faceted, rapid-pace of the so-called Biden-Blitzkrieg who, along with his fellow travelers, are in the process of destroying everything—every freedom we Americans and Canadians took for granted. But, there is another speed that we should also consider, which is the common street vernacular for the extremely dangerous drug, methamphetamines, aka: meth or speed. This speed which I refer to is a drug of abuse with no medical function or legal prescription.

It was Wayne Allyn Root who described the comparison, using the term: the Biden-Blitzkrieg with the lightning speed of war against America, similar to the Nazi Army, who reportedly used meth to conquer and kill.  The Nazi Army was literally drugged with meth, where they became super-human-speed-freaks, who could run, fight and kill 24/7 for weeks on end-until their bodies collapsed and they died of heart failure.

Meanwhile, Dark Brandon’s apparatchiks are employing an army of lawyers, bureaucrats, regulators, and radical Marxist activists, who could easily be seen on some form of meth-based-addiction at the speed at which they are carrying out this vicious 24/7 attack on the American people and our nation’s farmers, truckers and thousands of supply-chain-small-businesses.

When you come to realize the massive numbers of predator-elites involved in our demise it will take your breath away. We are being attacked and destroyed from a thousand different directions—all at once. The speed of their attack is simply—stunning!

It has been said that the Covid clot-shot has become the greatest killing vector for their global depopulation scheme. Those who are covid-vaccinated have become their own thought-police in order to protect themselves from the realities of what they have done to themselves as noted in this recent article entitled: “They’re free to keep on killing us, as long as we keep thinking that they (our government) could not be that evil.”  But, that day will come, for those who have been partially or fully vaxxed and, although they have learned well the skill of avoiding reality, there is little to no chance for them to avoid the consequences of their avoiding reality, as they will come to realize that their bodies are now in the process of slow-motion-suicide.

And, for the Unvaccinated (hopefully most of you) you actually received a CFP certificate, “…for surviving the greatest psychological-fear-campaign in human history!” Congratulations to all unvaxed!!!

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  1. as a biology kinda guy, I have to disagree on his opinion on the “clot shot”. Remember that compared to the total population, no “vaccine” has been given to as many people, and repeatedly, as the covid shot. A one percent death rate of 100 million people is going to be much bigger than the death rate of 1 million people. That said, what of the large number of people who have NOT been affected by the clot shot? Some have suggested there is a long term risk of death. How do they know? Where is the science, where is the evidence?

    The greater concern is over whether or not the elites will try to pull this stunt again. We are not completely out of the woods yet what with standing emergency orders. If there is to be a next time, I can only pray those who were sheep last time, will put up a fight this time.

    1. Everyone has a long term risk of death. I had two (Moderna) “clot shots” near the beginning of the vaccine fiasco (yes, it seemed like the right thing to do at that time). As far as I can tell I have had no reaction to the shots…..I also have not had Covid. With information and misinformation coming from every direction there may be people who actually worry themselves to death. I won’t take another Covid shot, but I’m trying not to dwell on things that can not be undone. With the constant barrage of information and misinformation from every direction, that is hard to do……….