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(Aug. 28, 2022) — In this video, John Leake, a true crime author, and Dr. Peter McCullough discuss their new book, “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.” As noted by McCullough, the focus of the book is not really COVID; it’s about crime. It’s about the crimes perpetrated against patients, doctors and others.

“I have been stripped of virtually everything in my career because I’ve tried to help patients,” McCullough says. “And most of the stripping occurred even before the vaccines came about.

This is astonishing. I’m the most published person in my field, in the world … I have over 650 citations in the National Library of Medicine; over 1,000 publications on the interface between heart and kidney disease.

I’ve lectured at the New York Academy of Sciences, the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration], the European Medicine Agency (EMA). I’m in the upper echelon of academic physicians in the world.

But because I innovated — I got an investigational new drug application, I got large grant funding, I devised ways of treating patients, I worked with others, I demonstrated that it works, I testified in the U.S. Senate, helped the White House the best I could when they reached out to me — because of that, I was stripped of my job as an academic physician.

Fortunately, I changed employers and kept my practice going. I’ve been stripped of two major editorships, two professorships. I’ve been stripped of every NIH committee, every Industry Clinical Trial Committee. And the unique thing about the stripping is, there’s no courtesy call, there’s no due process, no explanation.

Anything contractually that indicates due process is completely violated. No faculty senate, no board meetings or approvals. So, when it happens, it’s simply, ‘You’re stripped off this activity that you’ve done, or position held in some cases, for decades.'”

As noted by Leake, what we’ve seen during these COVID years is a reversion back to a pre-scientific era of immutable orthodoxy, much like the counter reformation in Europe during the Inquisition of the late 1500s and early 1600s.

There was no due process then and there’s no due process now. Someone accused you of being in league with the devil, and you were summarily declared guilty and/or tortured until you agreed.

Today, we have federal agencies and Washington bureaucrats, none of whom has ever treated a COVID patient, deciding what doctors can and cannot do for a COVID patient, and going outside those recommendations is a heresy punishable by excommunication.

“Fortunately, I’m not in the gallows somewhere, physically chained to a stake,” McCullough says, “but I can tell you, what’s going on is a form of cyber warfare, professional warfare.”

Professional Warfare

May 26, 2022, McCullough received a letter, simultaneously sent to almost every doctor who has spoken out and tried to help COVID patients, including Drs. Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Denise Sibley and others.

The letter was a notice of professional review. McCullough is board certified in both internal medicine and cardiology, and has maintained those licenses for four decades, with a perfect track record. The American Board of Internal Medicine is now threatening to revoke his certification. He goes on:

“They are attacking one of the top people in medicine, and in the attack, it says ‘You have made public statements that may lead to someone not taking a vaccine.’ That’s actually what’s stated in the letter. So, this is under the pretext that people should be taking vaccines, that there shouldn’t be any fair balance or any discussion on risk and benefits.

And they picked out five statements that I made under oath in the Texas Senate. Let me tell you what, when you give Senate testimony … you raise your hand and [promise to] say the whole truth, nothing but the truth. And you’re going to answer the questions to the best of your ability, which is what I did.

I am now in a process of professional reprisal for sworn statements under oath. This should be a warning to every nurse, every engineer, every lawyer, everybody who now is trying to help America or [is] involved in some process where statements made under oath can lead to professional attack.

Of course, I’ve done a response letter. I have evidence to cite every single statement made. Sen. Johnson stepped up and he called out the American Board and said, ‘Listen, let’s just meet about this. Let’s have a round table discussion on the issues at hand.’

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) has stonewalled him. The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons has filed a lawsuit against ABIM [for] this act of professional reprisal. I’m publicly damaged by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

As we sit here today, the American Board of Internal Medicine says they’re going to do a closed review. They will not let me attend my own meeting or even understand the discussions that take place. To my knowledge, not a single person on this credentialing committee is an expert on COVID-19. They don’t have the expertise that I have on the problem at hand.”

At present, McCullough is in private practice in Dallas, Texas. However, in order to be able to be on call at the hospital, he must maintain staff privileges, and to do that, he must be board certified. Without board certification, he cannot work with insurance companies. So, being stripped of one or both certifications would have severe professional consequences.

Even if the ABIM doesn’t go through with it, a certain amount of damage has already been done. “People’s lives are in our hands and we must maintain the most forward-facing, beyond-reproach status with our boards,” he says. “I’ve now been permanently tarnished, no matter what comes out of this review.”

History Repeating Itself

Leake has long been fascinated by the tragic story of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, which ended up serving as a foundation for the story in “The Courage to Face COVID-19.”

Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician working in the Vienna General Hospital’s first obstetrical clinic. For some reason, the maternal mortality was three times higher in the doctors’ wards compared to the midwives’ wards, and around 1847, Semmelweis intuited that the lethal puerperal fever (childbed fever) that was killing these women might be related to the fact that the doctors also worked in the morgue.

“He proposed that anatomy students wash their hands with chlorinated lime, and quickly, the incidence of fever in this maternity clinic dropped down to less than 1%,” Leake says. “It was a staggering mortality rate prior to this procedure. I think it was up to 18% at one point …

So, professor Semmelweis makes this observation — he actually does some pretty solid documentary statistical analysis of what he’s observing — and how do the medical imminence of Europe react at this time?

They say, ‘You’re crazy. There’s no basis for making this postulation for any of your conclusions. You’re nuts.’ And he loses his professorship and ultimately dies in an insane asylum. That always haunted me. He was later vindicated, as we know, but not without suffering a massive penalty.

I had this story in my head. I even thought about writing a screenplay about it. Fast forward, SARS-CoV-2 arrives, and I began to perceive that it’s the same thing as the Semmelweis story. Our so-called purported authorities are imposing an orthodoxy, and anyone who questions the orthodoxy, like Dr. McCullough, is stripped [of their credentials].

So that’s the basic drama of the story. Pioneering doctors who had the courage to actually treat COVID, to learn as fast as they could, as much as they could, and then to advocate for the treatment of COVID, and like Semmelweis were heavily persecuted. And so, it’s a true crime story based on this medical drama. It’s part true crime, part medical thriller.”

Leake interviewed a range of people for the book, to get their first-hand accounts. And, again, as stressed by McCullough, these stories reveal a crime — perhaps the biggest crime of all time.

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