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1932 Berlin SA-Propagandamarsch in Spandau (Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 3.0) Attribution: Bundesarchiv, B 145 Bild-P049500

(Aug. 28, 2022) — Brandon recently fulminated that President Trump and Republicans supporting him are “semi-fascists” who are purportedly “full of anger, violence, hate, and division.”  He added, falsely (what’s new?), that Democrats “have chosen a different path forward, the future, unity, hope and optimism.”  In fact, the only path and “principle” to which these people adhere is leftist expediency and the destruction of what was once the “shining city on a hill.”

Truth be known, the Goofball at 1600, aka Brandon, is a corrupt, depraved, lying, deceitful, arrogant, contemptible, autocratic, conniving, cunning, stupid and addled excuse for a human being, much less a purported “leader” of a free people.  If a relevant pejorative has been inadvertently omitted, P&E readers should feel free to add to the list in the comments section.

In the normal course of events, one might attempt an appeal to a presumed innate sense of decency, honor and patriotism.  In the Goof’s case, however, those characteristics were apparently surgically removed as he “transitioned” from human to tyrant.  That process took place incrementally over decades of pub…, excuse me…, my bad…, self-serving corruption and deceit in the District of Columbia, culminating with his insertion – it is inaccurate “misinformation” to label the 2020 event a legitimate “election” – into the Oval Office.

Brandon “the uniter” claims that we “semi-fascists” comprising half of the nation are full of anger.  That claim is not altogether wrong.  We are furious that his enablers, sycophants and often violent “defund the police” apparatchiks – let us call them “Brownshirt Brandonistas” for the moment – manipulate his marionette strings to complete whatever tasks they deem expedient or appropriate, all to the detriment of rational people and the Republic to which they bear allegiance. 

The Brownshirts of academia, the mainstream media and the Deep State are as guilty as the Goof, albeit of greater intelligence and cunning.  Meanwhile, we assume that the Goof is aware that they laugh at him behind his back at every opportunity presenting itself.  They are even beginning to laugh at him to his face…, and if he would lower his jumbo waffle ice cream cone, he could see them smirking, chuckling and some even guffawing.

The most recent example of the Goof’s manipulated stupidity is his claim that he has the power to “forgive” hundreds of millions – and over time, billions – in student loan debt for persons making less than $125,000 per year.  He does not have that power, despite the Wretch of San Crapcisco’s flip-flops on the issue, any more than he has the power to eradicate the nation’s southern border, itself – among myriad others – an impeachable offense.

Note that the average U.S. individual annual income is now about $63,000.  The Goof’s loan forgiveness proposal is of course unavailable for anyone not holding a student loan.  Those people – each making roughly but one-half of what is proposed to be the income eligibility “cutoff” for loan forgiveness – will be required to make up the shortfall, one way or another.  And no amount of Oval Office obfuscation and spin will alter that fact.

Oh, and remember that in addition to forgiving those loans, the “students”  benefiting from it will not face any federal tax consequence from the cancellation of the debt.  Normally, the cancellation of debt results in an IRS Form 1099-C documenting the amount of debt cancelled and thereafter subject to being reported and taxed.  Not so for these student loans, thanks to the expedient provisions of Brandon’s woefully mislabeled “American Rescue Plan Act.” Not a single Republican Senator or House member supported the hyper-inflationary legislation. 

Under that law – rammed through Congress last year by Democrats who hadn’t even read the bill – taxpayers who have federal or private student loans forgiven for any reason from 2021 through 2025 are allowed to exclude that debt forgiveness from their taxable income.  On the other hand, “regular” taxpayers who have non-student loan debts forgiven will get a 1099-C and generally have to pay tax on the forgiven imputed or phantom “income.” 


So, not only is the repayment of the loan forgiven, the “students” are exempted from the otherwise taxable event of debt cancellation.  Again, these are people who can be earning up to roughly twice what the “average” employed American earns annually.  And don’t forget: those 87,000 new IRS agents who come knocking at the door won’t be bothering the “students” whose loans have been forgiven, but which would otherwise have resulted in taxable income. 

Brandon is an unmitigated disaster and disgrace to the office he occupies.  He has become an indelible stain on the history of the Republic.  One Derek Hunter – whose surname should not be confused with the name the Goof selected for his ne’er-do-well crackhead “chip off the old block” son – says it best at “Joe Biden has earned your disgust.”  In addition, those who enable, support, shield and rationalize for the Goof – the Brownshirt Brandonistas – are equally worthy of disgust.

Screenshot: Sky News

The Goof needs to do his nation a favor: resign.  Even his cackling, constitutionally-ineligible, word salad VP would be an improvement.  And coming from your humble servant, that is saying a lot.  So, vote very carefully in November, as the survival of the Republic as we “semi-fascists” have known it is literally at stake.   As Ben Franklin warned, we have a republic…, if we can keep it.

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