by Creg Maroney, ©2022

(Aug. 28, 2022) — You hear of all of these lawsuits across the United States of police violating civil rights. Billions of dollars have been paid out in settlements to citizens and their families. Most have never even imagined of ever having millions in their bank account. I’m truly sorry for the emotional trauma and physical experience they went through. At least in the United States you can be compensated in some cases with enough money to retire comfortably and even early for the people under 62.

It’s quite shameful that the ignorance of the majority of plaintiffs, IMO, causes them to despise the founding fathers. These plaintiffs were indoctrinated with the Democrat lie that the founding fathers and colonists were racist pillagers when in all reality the founding fathers said, “All men are created equal” and God Himself gave us “individual Rights” that cannot be trampled by government. They fought and died for this cause; a nation was born on these principles. Their divine knowledge is the one and only reason these plaintiffs are able to redress their grievances to the government and win peacefully in a court of law. This is a very important point that needs to be acknowledged with gratitude. Amen.

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  1. Big problem is one of the wrong address/wrong house and that’s when things really get out of hand. Often the family dog is killed: explain that one to a child. And then the police don’t apologize or have repaired the physical damage, such as busted doors and windows.
    It shouldn’t be a question of cops vs. civilians, but it is, isn’t it?
    However, the George Floyd settlement was, in my opinion, just plain wrong.

    Chief New Leaf