August 25, 2022

Dear Readership:

Recently, my Marine buddy asked me if opinions submitted from the public are reviewed and summarized to the president by his staff.  He also expressed concern over the possibility of the 2020 election results being invalid.  My reply follows.

From my readings you are right.  The staff does deliver a summary of requests to all presidents. That, along with polls, sometimes determines trends and a change in policies, but not always.

On the election, there are many indicators your concern is well-taken.  I have a voting file that contains numerous studies supporting voter fraud claims in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Arizona, and Georgia; however, we will never know if there was enough fraud to change the election, with Wisconsin being a possible exception after that state’s legal review.  It is my understanding that vote records will soon be destroyed in accordance with state policy and laws.  Therefore, there will probably be no way to investigate this any further. 

One factor that may bring possible credence to the Biden “victory” is the conduct of the campaign.

Candidate Biden’s basement strategy may have paid off for him, a factor to be considered along with the questionable voting.  His staff knew he was an aged and sputtering anomaly, so they wisely kept him under wraps using Covid as an excuse.  He was mostly out of the public eye, relying on taped/edited presentations from his “basement.” Candidate President Trump outwardly campaigned and now and then had a slip of the lip and made some enemies.  He exposed himself while Biden was protected and evidently censored.  So now we are stuck with what about 74% of the general public sees as a bumbling and incompetent person, clearly with cognitive impairment. It is obvious he is a president who admittedly does what his handlers tell him to say and do. 

Does history repeat itself?  Often, and this situation reminds me of when President Woodrow Wilson was in his second term:  His health failed in September 1919; a stroke left him partly paralyzed. His constant attendant, Mrs. Wilson, took over many routine duties and details of government.

Who voted for Edith Bolling Wilson?  Who voted for Joe Biden’s staff?

A question we should ask ourselves is, “Who is the leader of the free world?”  Is it a cabal, a secret political clique or faction?

If so, this nation is near danger of a constitutional crisis not seen in 161 years.

Regards, Jim

James M. Hoover, CACM
Captain, USAF (Retired)

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