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by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 24, 2022) — In his Substack column today, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Kirsch, who recently appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” with Brian Kilmeade to speak about the evidence he has gathered over approximately 18 months showing “hundreds of thousands” of deaths and injuries following COVID-19 injections, announced a new platform where healthcare employees can submit summaries of their observations of patients who received a COVID-19 vaccine or booster and subsequently suffered an adverse event.

“If you are a healthcare worker, now you can tell your story without fear of retribution,” Kirsch titled his post, subtitled with the comment, “The only way this will end is if doctors are allowed to speak out about what is happening without fear of retribution. Now you can.”

After inventing several internet tools, launching some half-dozen tech companies and a medical foundation, Kirsch became passionate about exposing what he believes to be fraud on the part of U.S. and other governments’ health agencies after he learned that several acquaintances or their relatives experienced serious side effects thought to have a causal relationship to COVID-19 vaccination.

Retiring from his latest tech venture, shortly after the pandemic was declared Kirsch launched the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF) in the interest of finding a treatment or cure for COVID-19, among them a study a study of the anti-depressant fluvoxamine.

Later, concerned about the safety of the vaccines rolled out to the public beginning in December 2020, Kirsch launched the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), which hosts a free webinar every Thursday evening featuring scientists, physicians, those reporting injuries from the vaccines, and attorneys challenging the U.S. government’s mandates.

Through the new anonymous portal, Kirsch said he hopes to “collect hundreds of stories from healthcare workers” which can be brief or “as long as you like” in the vein of a narrative published by radio host Wayne Allyn Root on Sunday on behalf of a podiatrist.

In his post, Root wrote, in part:

Based on what a “trusted source” just disclosed to me, we are in for a world of trouble. A credible doctor has come forward. He/she wants to remain anonymous, for fear of losing his/her medical license for telling the truth about vaccine injuries.

Let’s call this doctor Dr. Smith. Let’s say he practices on the East Coast. As a podiatrist his practice is over 60% older (65 years old and above). Dr. Smith believes about 95% of his patients are vaccinated. The results are devastating.

The unvaccinated patients are fine — no major illness or problems. But Dr. Smith says over 80% of the vaccinated patients are very sick since vaccination.

Root went on to say the podiatrist has reported in his or her patients serious adverse events including neurological damage; heart attacks; recurring cancers which were formerly in remission; vision problems, including “sudden” blindness in one eye while operating a car; loss of balance; postoperative complications and digestive diseases.

Use of the portal requires submitting minimal contact information for verification, Kirsch wrote, but “None of your contact info will be publicly disclosed.”

As of this writing, there are seven stories submitted, one from a dermatologist’s assistant who reported a patient of unspecified age seen in the office in “spring 2020” and described as “completely normal, he walked in and walked out.”

“I saw him again in June 2021, wheeled in in a hospital gurney unable to move anything below his diaphragm,” the narrative continues. “He had received an mRNA vaccine several days before, and there was no other trauma or illness that he experienced that could have explained his (now permanent) paraplegia. Still paralyzed, august 2022.”

Some submissions are anecdotal only. However, “Ralf,” who identified himself as a “family doctor from Germany,” wrote, in part:

From the beginning I have been critical of Corona vaccinations and have never vaccinated anyone with it myself. Partly I was laughed at, the medical association investigated me, I was threatened with disciplinary proceedings to withdraw my license to practice medicine.

In the last year since the beginning of the vaccination campaign in Germany, I have seen a lot of misery. People who had themselves vaccinated by other doctors died suddenly and unexpectedly within a short time. Many people had thromboses afterwards, some a stroke, others a pulmonary embolism.

Others are constantly ill, have already had Covid-19 several times, sometimes with serious courses, while the unvaccinated remain healthy.

A little-referenced October 2021 article by Reuters reported that at the time, “More than 1,300 COVID vaccine-related injury claims are now pending before an obscure government tribunal, which to date has decided only two such cases, one involving swelling of the tongue and throat following the jab, the other alleging long-lasting, severe shoulder pain.”

“Meaningful legal recourse” was lacking for those reporting adverse events, the article said.

With the new launch, Kirsch joins other efforts questioning the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 injections. Several websites presenting stories from individuals experiencing adverse events and/or who have lost a loved one following COVID-19 vaccination are difficult to find through general searches.

In mid-October, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) is hosting an “inaugural conference to bring together the top experts in the field of pathology, evaluation, and treatment of spike-induced diseases” in Orlando, FL. “The conference will gather some of the nation’s foremost COVID experts and health care providers to learn, share and network — and most importantly to drive greater attention and awareness of the increasing number of patients afflicted with post COVID and post vaccine chronic conditions, many of which are not getting treatment today,” the announcement reads.

The FLCCC has assigned the term “Post-Vaccine Syndrome” to the vaccine-injured and developed a protocol it calls, “I-RECOVER.”

While the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently admitted it made “dramatic mistakes” and “did not reliably meet expectations” during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has not acknowledged widespread injuries and deaths associated with the COVID-19 vaccine products or “booster” shots despite more than 2,000,000 reports of adverse events, including more than 30,000 deaths following injection, to the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Rather, the CDC states that the shots are “safe and effective” and that “severe reactions after [COVID] vaccination are rare.”

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  1. For years now I have read and listened to both sides of the COVID issue. I’ve watched the media and government scaring and shaming the public into taking unproven risks. It appears for the past two years VAERS has been ignored and misused. Drugs and procedures with many less adverse reports have been removed from use. I am reminded of the Thalidomide issue that caused so much harm in a very short period of time. I think we will find the effects of these unproven vaccinations and boosters will be and are much worse. Early on I received information from a doctor and personal friend that is an expert in the various fields of immunology and epidemiology who warned that many issues could occur as a result of rushing to satisfy the governments mandates. I shared that information and saw it banned. The information was fortified by the doctors we all saw that risked their careers to sound the alarm and were subsequently banned from further voicing their expert opinion and research.
    I have much sadness for friends and family and everyone that were duped into taking the vaccines and prevented from using preventive methods to maintain their health. For myself, I was diagnosed prior to COVID with A-Fib and had the procedure to restore my heart rhythm. At 81 years of age, not vaccinated and do not intend to be. I, a nobody, a non-expert or professional in medicine, consider myself in good health and take measures to maintain my immune system. I thank God for the blessing of my health and my ability to comprehend, both sides, of what has been happening these past years.

  2. ‘Allopathic Arrogance’ still rules over the ‘Murdering Medical Mayhem’ that still pervades over the American public thinking.
    When someone ‘passes’ in my 112 member Seniors-only community (we often called it God’s Waiting Room), I still find it difficult to get the answer of whether or not they’ve had the deadly ‘Clot-Shot’ … even when the apparently healthy ones suddenly pass.
    Hopefully these efforts by Steve Kirsch will quickly bring the truth to light …and perhaps save millions of Americans from this
    Post-Vaccine Syndrome.
    ‘First, ask your Doctor …’ has become the Oxy-moron of our time – unless they have overcome their Allopathic Arrogance and tell you that ‘Safe and Effective’ means ‘Safe for Big Pharma from being sued’, and ‘Effective’ at achieving genocide without people even knowing what is happening to them!