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by Mike Latham, ©2022

Emblem of the Russian Federation`s Armed Forces, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

(Aug. 23, 2022) — For decades we’ve all been brainwashed into believing the Russian military is ten feet tall and a fighting force to be feared. However, if we look at their performance when engaged militarily or in simple war games, it is pathetic and almost laughable. Start your search in the
’70s in Afghanistan, then to Syria, Chechnya, the KURSK fiasco, and presently, Ukraine, as described in painful detail here.

What was to be a 48-hour victory in Ukraine, with President Zelensky’s head on a pike, has turned into a six-month standoff, with over 15,000 dead Russians and 11-13 of their Generals and Admirals killed. One may ask, how could that possibly happen? Simple: these mental midgets were conversing on their cell phones, which was an open invitation to “Come and kill us,” so the Ukrainians were happy to oblige them.

If America had shown leadership before the Russian invasion and warned Putin that we’d equip the Ukrainians with the F-22, F-35 and a few of the newer A-10s, would Putin have invaded? I suspect not, for two reasons: first, Putin knows full-well that with Ukrainians equipped with the aforementioned weapons, his troops and equipment would have all been completely destroyed in 48-72 hours, and secondly, Russia does not have the financial
resources to engage America in a war. Russia’s GDP is about equal to that of Canada, a much, much smaller country, and wars require vast amounts of money! The threat of a nuclear strike by Russia was nonsense. Oh, they could do some damage, but Russia would be laid waste in a very short time, which Putin knows as well.

Americans should not be fearful of tyrants like XI, Un and Putin; America’s military is still 20-30 years ahead of the crazies. No, our immediate concerns (fears) should be focused internally on the rot, incompetence and treasonous acts from within. It is this weird cabal presently in charge that could bring America down.

The midterms are a short 11 weeks off, ample time in which to clear your thinking about the disastrous track on which America presently finds herself.

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