by Sarah Earlene Shere, ©2022

(Aug. 19, 2022) — “I love you,” was all she could think to say, as the wind carried her whisper away. Princess Adaline stood on her balcony, straining her eyes in the darkness. Even if the sun were shining down on the treetops before her, she knew she would not be able to see her beloved’s castle for all the miles that separated them. Still, she could not tear herself away. Lifting her eyes, she laughed, through tears, as a star shot across the sky. She knew he would be standing upon his own balcony, at this time, as they had promised each other. She called out to the star, earnestly, “Yes, speed on your way! Tell my beloved I am thinking of him, loving him, and holding him in my heart, till I am given him to hold in my arms.”

Prince Jonas sat in the damp dungeon cell, exhausted from his attempts to free himself from his chains. Suddenly, something pulled at his heart and drew his gaze upward, toward the small window, high above. At that moment, he saw a star shooting across the sky. He smiled, remembering the promise he had made to his darling, that he had not been able to keep. Leaning his head back, he closed his eyes and let himself feel the memory of a delicate frame under his arm, by his side, near his heart, and a lovely face and soft hand resting upon his chest. “Soon, my darling,” he whispered into the night, “Do not give me up. Pray for me, Love me always, for you fill my heart with courage. I need you. Hold on. There will be a better day, soon!”

Golden dreams and wicked schemes tangle in the fight,
Of good and bad, of right and wrong, which will show the might?
Carry on, lovers, taste this life, sweetness mixed with gall,
Amid the dust of battle smoke true love will conquer all.
So cling to hope and say a prayer, believing God will send
A happier and brighter day, when shattered hearts He’ll mend.

Sarah Earlene Shere is an author, actress and cosplayer in her native home of Southern California. In the early 1990s, Sarah fell in love with storytelling at the age of eleven. As she’s grown closer to God and fallen in love with Jesus, her stories have become biblical and allegorical, reflecting her favorite authors, John Bunyan and Hans Christian Andersen. Besides Amazon, Sarah’s stories and writings can be found on Facebook and WordPress under Hosanna Heralds. Her fairy tale flash fiction stories can be found on Instagram and Facebook (#FairyTaleFlashFictionFriday). Since 2018, Sarah has been acting with Long Beach based Masquer Theatre Company. In 2017 she started volunteering with a local cosplay non-profit, Kids Can Cosplay. She prays her stories are a blessing to you!

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