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(Aug. 13, 2022) — In a recent interview with Roman Balmakov from “Facts Matter,”1 a podcast by The Epoch Times, I discuss how American medicine was reshaped and holistic medicine sidelined by the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations, starting in 1910. Before that time, natural medicine — using herbs, homeopathic remedies and general nutrition from food were very popular.

I believe it’s fairly easy to see that the transition from holistic medicine, which treats the cause, to synthetic drugs that only treat symptoms, has been a driving factor behind the rise in metabolic diseases. But before I get into the history I want to share an incredible study published last month that shows 14 out 15 people in the United States are metabolically unfit. This shocking analysis was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

I am currently writing a new book, and the first chapter details how Rockefeller captured the U.S. medical system through a clever campaign that had his foundation strategically invest $150 million from 1920 to 1930 in medical schools and hospitals. While this may not sound like much today, adjusting for inflation that is between $4 and 5 billion dollars today.

This investment secured his ability to control the entire medical school curriculum. After 1910 all natural medical therapies were eliminated and replaced with teaching about drugs. Many may not realize that most drugs are derived from petrochemicals2 and oil was what Rockefeller was known for.

Understanding how medicine was corrupted in the first place can help us understand current-day events as well. In many ways, it’s a repeat of the basic process — identify a problem or shortcoming (whether true or fabricated), pronounce a solution, then tear down the old system and replace it with a new one.

The Intentional Suppression of Health

Statistics reveal 14 out of 15 American adults are metabolically unhealthy, which is a staggering realization. As I explain in the interview, I’ve spent the last 25 years educating people about the foundations of good health, and warning against that which undermine it, which includes environmental, dietary and pharmaceutical toxins.

While I’ve been disparaged as a “top misinformation spreader” about COVID, the attacks against me started long before the pandemic, so this is nothing new for me. The fact of the matter is that holistic health and nutrition have been the top threats to allopathic medicine ever since its inception, 112 years ago.

They’ve been suppressing knowledge about nutrition and natural health ever since they successfully banished these concepts from the medical schools. What’s new is that we now have technologies that greatly facilitate the suppression and censorship of information on the one hand, and allow Big Pharma to blanket the information space with its propaganda on the other.

The end result is an echo chamber with no diversity of opinion. This is dangerous in any circumstance, but in particular when it comes to health. These technological advancements have also facilitated what professor Matthias Desmet refers to as “mass formation hypnosis,” a psychological condition required for totalitarianism to truly take hold.

Google is a major player in this social engineering project; 93% of online searches in the entire world are done using Google. But this doesn’t include the dozens of other search engines that use Google’s application programming interface (API) to access the results, which means that number is likely north of 95 to 96%. Indeed, a 2022 report showed that 94% of all mobile and tablet searches are using Google.3

That number is beyond shocking. Virtually anyone using the internet is relying on Google’s search engine. Please understand that all the information on censored sites still exist but if you don’t have an index or key to locate it, it is the same as if it never existed. Google has very cleverly silently implemented the 21st century version of the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

Until 2016, it was relatively easy to find information online. Very little was censored. But, over time, and especially over the past six years or so, Google started tweaking algorithms to suppress certain kinds of information that are in competition with Big Pharma, Big Food and other globalist interests.

Today, that information restriction has reached a zenith. It can be very difficult to get to certain kinds of information, and sometimes you have to bypass labels warning you that you’re about to read something that has been “debunked” and could harm you if followed, and redirectional messages telling you where to go and what to read instead.

How the Medical System Was Hijacked

As mentioned, Standard Oil mogul John D. Rockefeller was instrumental in corrupting the medical system, turning it from a focus on health to a focus on treating symptoms with petrochemical-derived pharmaceuticals, thereby ensuring that people remain sick — sometimes for life.

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