by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 6, 2022) — As he has been tweeting Saturday morning, Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH participated in a discussion on the second day of “CPAC 22 Texas” about the COVID-19 “vaccines,” along with mRNA early pioneer Dr. Robert W. Malone and Dr. David Miller, a family physician in Virginia now unaffiliated with a “large corporate healthcare firm.”

“We work for our patients,” Miller said as a way of introduction to applause from the live audience.

Malone addressed a direct question from the moderator asking, “Are these vaccines?”

“‘Vaccines,’ traditionally, is a term that’s used for products that can provide prophylactic protection against an infectious disease,” Malone responded, “and we now have clear documentation these products are not protecting against infection, replication or spread of the virus, and the multiply-inoculated actually are having longer periods of infection and replication and risk of spread to others, so the answer is, ‘No, it doesn’t meet the criteria.'”

In regard to the COVID-19 “pandemic,” the moderator asked McCullough, “What happened to the medical profession? What happened to civil discourse between doctors or between doctors and government?” to which McCullough replied, “No two doctors agree on any single issue, just like no two lawyers do. There’s no such thing as misinformation…Disagreement is the method by which we make scientific progress…”

McCullough said “disordered thinking” has overtaken most physicians regarding the COVID-19 injectable products and that a recent Texas A&M “confidential” survey showed that “10% of doctors did not think the vaccines are safe and effective, but fewer than 1% of doctors have the courage to speak out and give their patients a fair analysis.”

Since early 2021, when dozens of deaths had been reported to the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), McCullough has called for the cancellation of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign due to what he says is replication of the “spike protein” in the human body and advocated withdrawal of the products globally.

On McCullough’s observation of “disordered thinking,” Miller added, “…We’ve created such a bureaucracy in the practice of medicine that it just run [sic] doctors into the arms of large corporations, and these doctors are working for the corporations; they’re not working for their patients, and they’re afraid to speak out.

The moderator then asked Malone, “Do you think this was preplanned?” to which Malone replied, “There’s no question there was prior planning, as you’ve documented; there was some war-games scenarios [sic]…whether they did it for nefarious intent we have yet to discern…”

McCullough, too, has indicated that the toxicity of the spike protein “was not a mistake.”

Malone expressed his desire to see Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson re-elected, who could then hypothetically “subpoena” a “Senate investigations committee” to “get to the bottom of this.”

Johnson is the only member of the Senate who has held roundtable discussions including doctors, scientists, vaccine-injured and attorneys pursuing evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines have caused a dramatic increase in injuries in America’s fighting force and in the U.S. population generally.

While invitees included the NAIAD, NIH, CDC and FDA, no representatives of those agencies appeared for the three roundtables Johnson hosted between June 2021 and late January this year.

When queried about monkeypox, Malone said it is largely limited to “a particularly cohort” and began with “a massive international gay rave party that occurred off the coast of Spain…” from which it spread. “It can be easily contained with contact-tracing and abstinence,” Malone concluded.

McCullough asserted that contrary to the White House’s assertion Thursday that monkeypox is a “public health emergency,” “there is no emergency in the country for monkeypox. The fact that the administration has declared that is prima facie evidence that the context of medical emergencies are being used to accomplish an agenda.”

Miller concluded the discussion with his observation of constant societal pressure on young people to “go along to get along” and “memorize facts.” “I was fortunate to have a father who was a great independent thinker…you have to be an independent thinker to get through all of the propaganda that is out there because it is massive, it is daily, and it is an onslaught…It’s easy to know the path, but it’s righteous to follow the path. Follow the path; be courageous; follow the path.”

With writer John Leake, McCullough recently published a book titled, “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.”

During the course of the pandemic, McCullough has been sued by the hospital system which used to employ him, lost two professorships at leading Texas universities, and been stripped of the editorship of two medical journals for his outspoken advocacy of early COVID-19 treatment, which opposed the CDC’s advice to afflicted individuals to isolate themselves without treatment and go to the hospital if they experienced trouble breathing. McCullough was also labeled a “COVID-19 vaccine skeptic.”

Reports of those claiming injury from the vaccines are here, here, here, here, and here, with a suggested protocol offered here.

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