by Bob Russell, ©2022

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(Jul. 31, 2022) — FOX News host Tucker Carlson, long a thorn in the side of globalist TRAITORS in both political parties, has once again shown how the gop establishment is conspiring with devildemocommiecrats to destroy America.  I have been pointing out the complicity of the gop establishment for several years, a complicity that dates back at least to the bush 41 years, President Trump being the exception.  The truth isn’t hard to see if one will look at the facts of what a succession of gop “leaders” in congress has done over the last 30 years at least.  The last time I remember having a Speaker of the House that cared about We the People was when Newt Gingrich held the seat.  Since then we have seen a progression of leftist lemmings holding the position, john boehner and paul ryan among them.  The very compromised mitch mcconnell has held the top gop senate spot for decades but has done nothing to benefit We the People, not in the economic nor liberty areas.  

Everyone is talking about a “red tsunami” coming in November but IF that happens and the same people who vehemently opposed every move President Trump made to improve America remain in control of the republican caucuses in either house of congress, We the People will see a continuation of the TREASON that we have seen from the gop establishment since 1989 when President Reagan left office and the globalist hack george h w bush took over.  It isn’t just mcconnell and mccarthy that are the problems; they have a majority of the gop members of congress who have also been bought by the left.  There are a very few republicans who are loyal to their oath of office, the Constitution, and We the People but there are too few and they are kept on the perimeter by those in control.  All who stand up for liberty are threatened by the establishment and we have already seen the rnc back candidates to depose those who won’t bow to the TREASONOUS party apparatus.  Thankfully, candidates endorsed by President Trump are winning but some he has endorsed, like markwayne mullin of Oklahoma, are establishment hacks who sit on the fence and only do enough right to keep people guessing.  Another, Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, is a flaming liberal who will stab us in the back as soon as he gets into office, as mullin did.  I don’t know how Trump goes about deciding who to endorse but after many of his cabinet appointees turned on him and We the People I have serious concerns about his review and decision-making process. 

I WILL NOT vote for mullin under any circumstances because he has shown himself to be a liar and a self-promoting hack interested only in keeping himself in office.  I was told a few weeks ago that he helped some veterans who were stranded in Washington, D. C., getting them hotel rooms for a night and a flight home the next day.  He is really good at doing things that will get himself some good publicity but anything that doesn’t isn’t important to him.  Sadly, the gop is full of bought-and-paid-for people interested only in personal wealth and power.  Nazi war criminal george soros, imported after World War II by democrats; bill gates; mark zuckerberg; bill deblasio; and a host of other leftist globalist billionaires use their wealth to undermine the freedoms American citizens have been given by Almighty God and guaranteed by our founding fathers in the Constitution. 

America used to have a media, often called the “4th estate,” that saw it as their duty to hold politicians and bureaucrats responsible to their oath of office to the Constitution and We the People, but since the early 1960s the media has become progressively more leftist and against anything patriotic.

Walter Cronkite was the first journalist I am aware of being anti-American and against We the People.  His “reporting” on the Vietnam War was very biased, constantly blaming the American soldier for the war and claiming we were nothing but a bunch of murderers looking to kill anyone who didn’t look like us.  That was a blatant lie and he knew it, but he wasn’t about to put the responsibility where it belonged, on the democrats who controlled the government and who started and prolonged the war.  The politicians didn’t want to win the war and wouldn’t stop it because they were making millions off of it. 

I was born in 1950 and only heard about war correspondents like Ernie Pyle and commentators like Edwin R. Murrow, men who told about World War II and supported our soldiers.  I have never heard one word about those reporters trashing our fighting men nor blaming them for the horrors war brought to civilians.  War is a terrible thing and civilians usually get caught up in it because wars are fought where people live and collateral damage is unavoidable.  Civilians who can evacuate war zones do but many lack the resources and/or transportation needed to relocate.  I am in that position myself.

When the next Revolutionary War breaks out, and it is coming, my wife and I will have to ride it out the best we can from where we live because we don’t have the financial resources to get away.  We are old and poor, and both of us are disabled, so leaving isn’t an option for us, in the physical or financial realms.  We live in the middle of town but it is a rural, small town about 25 miles northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I would love to have some land away from town where we could have chickens, cows, beehives, wild game to hunt, a garden, and ponds for fishing but that isn’t currently possible so we will be right here.  The best I can hope for is that my prayers for divine protection will be answered.

We pray daily with a host of requests and look to Almighty God to sustain us through whatever we might face in the future.  My wife has been disabled for 25 years and I suffered a crippling stroke in August 2014 that has left my left arm paralyzed and my left leg barely usable.  I am retired and not fit enough to work so employment is out of the question.  I do a little volunteer work, anything I am able to do, at the churches I attend.  Even there I am so limited that I am not much help.  I make a pretty good doorstop but that is about all I am good for so I do that when needed. 

My daily prayer includes requests for revival in the nation, with Christian leadership and honest politicians, among my many requests.  If We the People could get enough Christians in government and enough people praying for revival we could see the nation turned around in a hurry.  The current crop of self-serving opportunists in political and bureaucratic positions is a problem that can be solved only by replacing them with people more interested in serving than getting rich and powerful.  Sadly, most of the people who want political office do so because they look to benefit solely themselves. 

The political system has been so corrupted that it is very difficult for a true servant to get elected, and if elected to stay honest.  The political machines like to lure people in, compromise them, and then use blackmail to get them to do the bidding of the establishment.  A member of the house, Madison Cawthorn, recently revealed details about a party he attended, a party allegedly rife with cocaine and prostitutes.  The gop establishment was irate and vowed to see that he was not reelected in November; he lost his primary in May.  They have pretty much unlimited funds to use against anyone who opposes them and Cawthorn has opposed them from the day he took office.

This latest revelation by Tucker Carlson doesn’t surprise me except that I am surprised FOX let him expose the gop complicity with the democrats in their plan to destroy the nation.  Their goal, as articulated by fuhrer obama and aided by the gop establishment, is to “fundamentally transform” America into a dictatorial puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship, with them ruling over this portion of it.  When they actually begin going door to door to confiscate guns the war will start because most of We the People will fight rather than consent to them.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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