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(Jul. 17, 2022) — In the video above, I discuss the inevitability of coming food and energy crises, and how to prepare for them, on the Children’s Health Defense “Good Morning CHD” program. As I mention in that interview, it seems clear that these crises are being fabricated according to a predetermined plan, just as the COVID pandemic plan was foretold during Event 201.

The global technocratic cabal responsible for these plans don’t actually hide their plans. They announce them in various ways in advance. Tabletop crisis exercises are one of them. The publishing of white papers is another.

The Rockefeller Foundation has been a prominent player in putting out the “deep state” cabal’s plans. Not only was the Foundation a sponsor of Event 201, during which participants practiced everything that later came to pass, but it has also published at least three separate reports that describe the implementation of various parts of what we now recognize as the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) Great Reset agenda.

Operation Lockstep

In 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation published a report1 titled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” in which they laid out a “Lockstep” scenario — a coordinated global response to a lethal pandemic. While the name and origin of the virus differs, the scenario laid out in this document matches many of the details of our recent past.

A deadly viral pandemic. Devastating economic effects. International mobility coming to a screeching halt, debilitating industries, tourism and global supply chains. “Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers,” the document reads.

“In the absence of official containment protocols,” the virus spread like wildfire. In this narrative, the U.S. administration’s failure to place strict travel restrictions on its citizens proved to be a fatal flaw, as it allowed the virus to spread past its borders. China, on the other hand, fared particularly well due to its rapid imposition of universal quarantines of all citizens, which proved effective for curbing the spread of the virus.

Many other nations where leaders “flexed their authority” and imposed severe restrictions on their citizens — “from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries of communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets” — also fared well.

This report basically spells out what the ultimate plan actually is, and that is to use bioterrorism to take control of the world’s resources, wealth and people. It’s to use a coordinated pandemic response as a justification for wealth redistribution and the resetting of the global financial system.

The COVID-19 Action Plan

Then, in April 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation released the white paper,2 “National COVID-19 Testing Action Plan,” which laid out a strategic framework clearly intended to become part of a permanent surveillance and social control structure that severely limits personal liberty and freedom of choice.

The tracking system it called for is eerily similar to that used in China, where residents are required to enroll in a health condition registry. Once enrolled, they get a personal QR code, which they must then enter in order to gain access to grocery stores and other facilities.3

It also described the necessary infrastructure for vaccination tracking across the board, for all vaccines, not just the COVID jabs, and laid the foundation for medical monitoring in general.

Not only did it call for access to other medical data, it also specifically called for doing away with privacy laws. According to this document, “Some privacy concerns must be set aside for an infectious agent as virulent as COVID-19 …”4 And, reading through the plan, it’s clear that this tracking and surveillance program was not intended to be temporary.

COVID-19 was simply used as an excuse to justify the implementation of a permanent biosurveillance system. It called for hundreds of thousands of new employees, updating computer systems and implementing new laws that in many ways resemble the implementation of TSA post-9/11.

The Cabal Is ‘Resetting the Table’

Next, we have the July 28, 2020, report, “Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System,”5 which describes how the COVID pandemic has caused “a hunger and nutrition crisis” in the U.S., which they insist must be addressed by a complete overhaul of the food system.

It basically describes how they intend to seize control of the food supply and the supply chain under the guise of “equity,” “fairness” and “environmental protection.”

One key to this enterprise is data collection. They want to collect data on everyone’s spending and eating habits, and to facilitate that data collection, they want to shift everything into an online environment, including education, medicine and the buying of food.

The title itself reveals what this is really all about. “Reset the Table” is a clear nod to The Great Reset, which was officially announced by WEF founder Klaus Schwab and the Prince of Wales in early June 2020.6 So, the title alone tells us that the Rockefeller Foundation’s call for a “reset” of the food system is part and parcel of the WEF’s Great Reset.

Many of the contributors to the Foundation’s paper are also WEF members, which further strengthens this connection. In the foreword,7 Rockefeller Foundation president Dr. Rajiv Shah also stresses that “a comprehensive playbook” to address the food system will need to address other issues as well, including “living wages” and “housing,” and those too are destined for revision under The Great Reset.

Schwab coined the term “the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which is really just another way of saying “the transhumanist revolution.” In a nutshell, it refers to the integration and takeover of artificial intelligence, robotics, and the merger of man with machine, which will inevitably trigger dramatic societal changes.

People displaced and made useless by robots and/or augmented humans will need some sort of stipend to live on, and a roof over their head.

Of course, in return for government-issued room and board, you’ll have to give up everything that makes living worthwhile. The WEF, years ago, announced that “By 2030, you will own nothing,” and they meant it. Eliminating private ownership rights is part of the plan. You’ll be “taken care of” by the government, but you’ll be trapped in a slave system.

The Plan Is Out in the Open

Together, Event 201, these three Rockefeller Foundation reports and many others, spell out the plan of the global cabal. All we need to do is take it seriously. They certainly do.

They’ve been moving the proverbial chess pieces around the global chess board for decades to bring about the scenario we’re currently in, with the destruction and collapse of supply chains, food production, infrastructure and economies. They have to bring all the old systems down in order to declare them obsolete, so they can then introduce their new slave systems.

And they know people won’t accept these slave systems unless they’re absolutely destitute and desperate and have no choice but to comply. Knowing that this is the plan, what does that mean for us? It means we need to a) prepare, so we don’t become victims of their intentional destruction, b) reject their plans every step of the way, and c) build parallel systems outside their control.

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The global technocratic cabal responsible for these plans don’t actually hide their plans. They announce them in various ways in advance. Tabletop crisis exercises are one of them. The publishing of white papers is another.

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  1. I wonder if Klaus Schwab or the Prince of Wales or Dr Rajiv Shah knows how to
    operate a tractor ? Do they know how to set up a center-pivot ? Do they know about wheel line irrigation ? Do they know if a plot needs to be turned, tilled, disced or wind rowed ? Do they know how a seed drill works ? If they expect to control the food supply in the US and they don’t know about these things, how do
    they expect to get people to work for them that do know about these things ?