by Ernest Huber, ©2022

(Jul. 14, 2022) — Decades ago while a law student I worked as a forensic psychologist for a court psychiatrist and did sanity evaluations of hospitalized or incarcerated defendants, including murderers.  Imagine everyone’s surprise when I reported that most of them were quite sane when they committed their crimes, but had malingered insanity to avoid severe punishment.  Most lacked empathy and conscience, were naturally expert at manipulation and image crafting, sought power over others, but definitely knew right from wrong.  They had antisocial personality disorders (psychopathic), or narcissistic personality disorders (sociopathic).  They shared common etiologies of severe trauma, or neglect, or both, in early childhood that caused them as victims to reflexively and permanently neurally bypass and rewire parts of their brains.  They were generally irremediable, and also incapable of giving and receiving perfecting love.

Years later as an Army military intelligence interrogation officer I found one of the easiest ways to break and exploit someone was to create transient personality disorders by controlling the information they received and degrading them mentally, physically, and spiritually thereby depleting them of their self-love, will to resist, and survival instinct.  Over decades, the effects of those same techniques being used on a massive scale are seen in Antifa, BLM, LGBT, government employees, elected officials – and “average” citizens.  A social psychiatrist and I agreed that such loveless personality disorders, and other behaviors, could be created through long-term conditioning, behavior modification, and shaping by mass media personnel. Consequently, the form and the substance of ALL media must be examined and filtered — it’s still garbage in, garbage out.  The bad guys play chess while the good guys play checkers.  This does not bode well for our nation, especially the younger generations.  America’s survival requires most of us to love ourselves and others, and to give and receive that perfecting love, or we go into a death spiral.

I have also formally war gamed as a Naval intelligence officer whether mass media personnel could be the primary cause of the destruction of our nation, and concluded they could.  People continuously indoctrinated by TV, movies, video games, iPhones, print and social media by degrading, nonproductive, and self-destructive role models and behaviors will be socially pressured and inclined to identify with and mimic those failing behaviors.  After many years of failure, they will develop a very negative self-concept and loss of self-love, partially bypass and rewire themselves to avoid the pain of their failures, and eventually slip into borderline or full personality disorder and be easily exploited.  There is hope for many…if they can learn to love themselves to reclaim their humanity, and help preserve their own lives, families, and nation.  So what do we do about it?

There is only destruction in failing to overcome yourself, rejecting your nature, rationalizing that failure, and violently projecting it on others due to their happiness and successes exposing your failed life.  The media of indoctrination, addiction, and failure must first be removed from our lives by simply turning it off.  That will be hard for many, because they’ve become addicted to it, depraved by it, and enslaved to it.  Fortunately, most still have some free will.  Those who can must then focus the rest of their lives on reassessing, reprogramming, and rebuilding themselves by, among other efforts, reading and reflecting upon the truths of objective reality found in classics that impart knowledge, wisdom, virtue, success, Natural Law, and perfecting self-love.  They should start with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, the Bible, Augustine, Aquinas, and a good dictionary.  But understand that this eventual enlightenment is a two-edged sword:  It will make them love and do what is good, bringing great peace and joy, but it will also cause them to justifiably hate, fight, and neutralize those trying to destroy our survival archetypes and us.

The rebuilders will begin to automatically, instinctively, and strongly oppose anything that degrades Natural Law, whether it’s in religion, politics, legislation, adjudication, administration, media, technology, national defense, education, relationships, or medicine.  Examples of Natural Law violations abound:  Genocide, crime, mind-rotting media, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, transgenderism, private central banking, tyrannical Trojan horses (perfect equality, perfect safety, perfect health, perfect climate), Global Reset, Critical Race Theory, cancel culture, Marxist and anarchist communism, satanism, phariseeism, abortion, addictions, sexual perversion, de facto medical martial law (fake tests, fake deaths, fake vaccines, dehumanizing and asphyxiating face diapers, slave sheep distancing, nation-conquering lockdowns), not prosecuting traitors, not repelling and removing invaders, overthrowing our lawful  government, pacifist theology, dumbing down and destructively indoctrinating students, and countless other violations of our God-given unalienable rights and responsibilities.

This journey will require more will, effort, and courage than they ever thought they had, but many will succeed to varying degrees, or be trapped in subhumanity.  Those who prevail will finally love themselves with perfecting love, and be secure enough to love others, and deserve being loved.  The Truth will set you free, but you must first acquire it, then be bound by it, act on it, and live it.  Saddle up – the battle awaits.  “In valor there is hope.” – Tacitus

With love,

Ernest Huber

Ernest Huber is a retired Naval officer, and a graduate of Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Law School, was an Army military intelligence officer, counterterrorism watch commander, USAF SERE instructor, GOP regional chair, and Congressional candidate.  

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