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Obama and Biden ( archived)

(Jul. 14, 2022) — So we now learn that the Second Usurper in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (the “SUC”) took umbrage at a suggestion emanating from Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House Physician for Presidents G.W. Bush, Obama and Trump; linked here.

Specifically, the SUC penned a terse email to now-Congressman Ronny Jackson, R-TX, scolding him for suggesting during the 2020 presidential campaign that the Goofball – back then sometimes referred to as simply “The Big Guy” – should take a cognitive test. 

Because of the mental blunders and gaffes he was making even at that time – exponentially worsening since his insertion (a more accurate term than “legitimate election”) into the presidency – Jackson suggested that such a test for someone seeking the presidency would be appropriate.  After all, both the SUC and Orange Man Bad took the tests and passed, so why not the Goof?

The SUC’s email criticism of Jackson – now revealed by Jackson in his memoir – for what he characterized as an “unprofessional cheap shot” at the Goof as well as “disrespectful” to the SUC, is beyond ironic and hypocritical.  It is just plain dumb.

C’mon, man…, if the SUC is as “clean” and “articulate” a dude as claimed by the Goof in the past, would he be so stupid as to warn Democrat insiders on the campaign trail before the Goof was nominated that people should “never underestimate [the Goof’s] ability to “%!#* things up”?

Ummm…, wait…, maybe the SUC is not as “articulate” as the Goof believed him to be.  Recall, faithful P&E readers, that “%!#*” is a more grammatically family-friendly placeholder for the far more earthy verb used by the SUC when warning folks not to underestimate the Goof’s talent for orchestrating failures.  If the SUC was nothing else, he was prescient regarding the Goof’s performance thus far: exiting Afghanistan; eradicating the border; 9.1% annual inflation; energy dependence; obeying the Easter Bunny.

Question for the SUC: If Rep. Jackson’s medical and science-based assessment as to the need for a cognitive test for the Goof was an “unprofessional cheap shot” and “disrespectful” of you, what, exactly, was your “%!#*” warning intended to be?  A compliment?  At the time you issued your caveat, he was, after all, your choice for vice-president.

I’ll wait…, but forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.   

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