by Ernest Huber, ©2022

$100 Federal Reserve Note (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

(Jul. 11, 2022) — Among the top threats to the United States and Western civilization are domestic enemies promoting the coronavirus scamdemic lockdown/imprisonment/national suicide, communist psychopaths, jihadi psychopaths, malignant media, tech tyrants, genocidal abortionists, and private national central bankers.  The banking threat is the most complicated and pivotal for us lemmings, so let’s examine it.

The following example illustrates the problem.  Imagine two stacks of paper currency (or screens of cyber currency).  Each stack contains $1 million in hundred dollar bills that have representational value in commerce but no actual value, perform the same function in our economy, and cost four cents per bill to print (or nothing if cyber currency).  Each bill in one stack is labeled “Federal Reserve Note” and those bills are “borrowed” by The Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Public Debt from the private Federal Reserve’s Bank of New York Open Market Committee for $1 million plus 5% yearly compounded interest, totaling $1,050,000, secured by the Treasury issuing securities (IOUs).  The resulting “debt” for this worthless currency is used to justify your income tax, increased control and power by government employees, the incremental loss of your wealth and freedom, and millions of lives lost due to resulting poverty, crime, and war.  

Each bill in the other stack is printed solely under Treasury authority and is labeled “United States Note” (called Continental Notes/Currency/Scrip in the 1700s, Treasury Notes and Greenbacks in the 1800s, and United States Notes in the 1960s).  Those bills also cost four cents each to print, but result in NO debt, NO interest, NO tax, and NO loss of wealth and freedom.  Which stack would you use?  Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy used the latter stack and issued Greenbacks and United States Notes, respectively, before they were assassinated.  President Garfield continued President Lincoln’s policy of issuing debt-free currency and he was also assassinated.  

Executive orders from a non-enemy President to once again direct the Treasury Secretary to: replace Federal Reserve Notes with United States Notes, issue our own cyber currency, cease borrowing from the Federal Reserve crime syndicate, and cease paying them, will liberate us.  The Federal Reserve was created by Congress with the Federal Reserve Act.  That Act can be repealed, be ruled constitutionally void, or simply be ignored.  Congress was empowered, not directed, to collect income tax by the 16th Amendment.  That Amendment can also be ignored.  No Constitutional convention is necessary.  There are many ways to skin this cat of servitude, and gold is not one of them because it also has no actual value, and the bad guys have controlled and manipulated us with gold for centuries.

“A PRIVATE central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army…We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.”   Thomas Jefferson

It’s an ongoing RICO crime for federal employees and elected officials to “borrow” from the Federal Reserve.  The crime is compounded because what is borrowed is worthless currency that we stupidly repay with our slave labors. This monstrous parasitic fraud results in a crushing illusory debt that is used to justify taxing and regulating us out of our economic and political freedoms for the sole purpose of unlawfully enriching and empowering CRIMINALS.  Their crimes reach astronomical levels from the additional off-book printing of $trillions for their personal use.  These massive monetary crimes are committed in most countries.  They’re coordinated by the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.  These criminals have been committing crimes against humanity for centuries, and they must be severely punished.  Don’t fall for their “economists” and embezzling politicians defaming government-issued fiat currency, because it’s our only solution.

US Notes were issued between 1862 and 1971 (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

Any note or bond “debt” to the Federal Reserve must be disavowed as the product of fraud, criminal enterprise, and monetary warfare.  The criminals must be prosecuted as necessary, and their RICO wealth seized and liquidated to repay innocent third party bond holders, with any outstanding bonds to be purchased by the Treasury.  Most of our economic problems and taxes will vanish after the Federal Reserve is dissolved, and we start constitutionally funding our federal government again.  The Internal Revenue Code and the IRS must be abolished.  Congress must only pay for national defense and veterans, the federal courts, Congressional operations, Presidential operations, and current social security obligations.  Unfunded departments should be abolished.  Expenditures should only be justified by zero-based budgeting, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and the combined Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports with no excluded entities, from all levels of government to reduce inflation.  The $trillion off-book government enterprise slush funds should be liquidated and the surpluses disbursed to the citizens.

At the State level there must be public lending utilities that make interest-free private, business, and infrastructure loans of our debt-free currency to qualified borrowers with repayments to be zeroed to prevent inflation.  How much would you benefit from not being enslaved by interest and taxes on your home, car, or education?      

However…fiscal and monetary conservatism are amoral and can be deadly without social conservatism.  The administration of dictatorships, slavery, gulags, and genocide can be fiscally and monetarily conservative.  Currency is ultimately backed by citizen-enforced Christian morality.  That’s why the ideology of social conservatism matters.  It’s time to crawl out of the tar pit, and advance civilization.  We know all we need to know to do what we must do.  Saddle up.

Ernest Huber

Ernest Huber is a retired Naval officer, graduate of Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Law School, former Army military Intelligence officer, USAF SERE instructor, counterterrorism watch commander, GOP area chair, and Congressional candidate.

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