by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

(Jul. 11, 2022) — Further confirming the “Guam might capsize and tip over” stupidity and duplicitous hypocrisy of Democrats, one Zoe Lofgren, D.-CA – a member of the Wretch of San Crapcisco’s “Jan. 6 Star Chamber” kabuki spasm – has characterized President Trump’s actions (and inactions) on that date as “dereliction of duty.” Seriously?  This from a sycophant oblivious to the myriad derelictions of duty under the Constitution by the Goofball at 1600? 

Memo to Lofgren: read up on Art. 2, § 3 of the Constitution, mandating – not “suggesting” – that a legitimately-elected president “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”  As a P&E public service favor to Lofgren, here is a short tutorial on the topic for you.  FYI, the tutorial comes from your employer’s website and notes, among other things, that “[t]he President’s duty in general requires his superintendence of the administration.” 

Ummm… the Goof cannot superintend the Easter Bunny, let alone the behind-the-scenes cabal orchestrating his every move, sometimes with personal, hand-held cue cards. Yikes.

Wait: maybe that is the Goof’s “out”: recognizing that he was not legitimately elected, he has no “take care” obligation at all.  Slick, no?   But fear not, faithful P&E readers, that “dereliction” claim was not an original thought coughed up by Lofgren, because use of the terms “Lofgren” and “original thought” in the same sentence is grammatically misplaced.

Instead, the “dereliction” characterization seems to have originated with the Star Chamber committee’s spokesman, one Timothy Mulvey.  Obediently, the mainstream media – in this case, NBC News – headlined the assertion as if it purportedly had come directly from President Trump’s former White House counsel, Pat Cipollone.

The Jan. 6 Committee comprises 7 Democrats and 2 Republicans

Au contraire: the characterization of “dereliction of duty” came in a statement of Mulvey, seemingly not originating with Cipollone, in the context of Mulvey’s further assertion that Cipollone “did not contradict” other witnesses’ testimony.  The reference, of course, was to the “bombshell” [sic] testimony of the Star Chamber’s secret weapon, one Cassidy Hutchinson.  No wonder he did not contradict Hutchinson’s “story”: he was apparently never asked about it.

Hutchinson’s hearsay upon hearsay story delivered to the kangaroo court – that President Trump tried to commandeer “The Beast” on Jan. 6 to “go to the Capitol” to join the riot and that he assaulted one of his Secret Service agents in the foiled attempt – has proven to be as believable as, for example, the claim that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., the Second Usurper in Chief (“SUC”), was constitutionally eligible to the presidency as a natural born citizen.  Moreover, even Hutchinson has described the marsupial gathering, masquerading as an “investigative commission,” as “BS.” And no, Virginia, that does not stand for “bait & switch.”  

If the “dereliction” pejorative came from Cipollone, let us hear that directly from him rather than the Star Chamber’s flack or its apparatchik media puppet, NBC News.  But hey…, what’s a little disinformation and deception if the larger goal of damaging Orange Man Bad is served? 

So, unless it is confirmed that Cipollone actually made the remarks about “dereliction” of duty, Lofgren, NBC News and Mulvey should retract and apologize.  And before they open their mouths again with stupid and untruthful allegations, ignoring the serial and unconstitutional derelictions by the clown who takes directions from the Easter Bunny (and, BTW, do you think “Dr.” Jill has yet actually told him the truth about the bunny…?), they should bone up on the public service tutorial supplied above.

Not gonna hold my breath.

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