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Mendon, IL, June 26, 2022 Screenshot: ABC 7 Chicago

(Jul. 2, 2022) — Forget the salutations; let me get right to it. You said the other day that you don’t want any guns in your audience. Guess what? When I ran for president (as a write-in), in order to get into one of my rallies, you had to show your gun.

I must say that in my first rally we had the most amazing collection of firearms, from an antique blunderbuss to a bazooka; no kidding. Matter of fact, one part of my platform was that a female student, upon receiving her high-school diploma, gets a lightweight .357 Magnum revolver. And then for a woman to renew her driver’s license, she must show a loaded gun in her purse.

Anyway, my rallies were just as fun to attend as yours look to be although a lot smaller since we only advertised under the radar to keep the Feds and local law enforcement out of the picture.

Just thought I’d share this with you; maybe you would lighten up on the gun bit. I’ve carried all my life and never had a problem. Guns aren’t the problem; people are. You know this to be true, so say it.




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  1. Good philosophy found in this article.

    The Founding Fathers/Framers had the right to keep and bear arms and had other natural rights before the Declaration of Independence, before the U.S. Constitution, and before the Bill of Rights were penned.