by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 30, 2022) — On Thursday Dr. Robert W. Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology and scientist, spoke with “War Room” host Stephen K. Bannon on the passing of Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko earlier that day from complications of a rare type of cancer.

Malone recounted how at the outset of the pandemic, Zelenko developed the “Zelenko protocol” for outpatient treatment of COVID-19 consisting of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, zinc and Vitamin D.

Dr. Zelenko was founder of Zelenko Labs, which has expanded its product line to supplements to support general health, including chewables for children. In his last days, Zelenko announced the launch of the “Z Freedom Fighter Foundation” to provide medical information and healthcare outside the scope and restrictions of “Big Pharma.”

Malone said he considered Dr. Zelenko a “friend” and a “deeply human kind of soul” who “found a vision late in his life of saving others with these repurposed drugs. He became a truth warrior in every sense of the word.”

The father of eight children, Malone revealed that the youngest is only four years old.

Bannon recalled that Zelenko was “attacked mercilessly” for advocating for the administration of therapeutics for the virus, “and we’re going to remember that.” He was banned from Twitter, first in December 2020 and again in early May after he opened a new account, thinking “maybe the culture would be different” after billionaire businessman Elon Musk prepared to purchase the platform.

“So within four days, I had 175,000 followers,” Zelenko said in a video posted at Red Voice Media. “And I was sharing information. And then this morning, I posted a following question, which was, according to the CDC 99.998% of healthy children recover from COVID with no treatment. And my question was, so what is the rationale for vaccinating this demographic? I thought it was a legitimate question. Within like, two minutes, my account was suspended. I don’t really care about Twitter. It’s not like I want to be on the platform; I care about you. I want to be able to convey and transmit information effectively, and the information I transmit, to the best of my knowledge, is accurate. It’s the true narrative based on my experience, my research, teaching, and so on. And so I think the real victim here is the American people who are being censored. Only the false narrative is being pumped into the homes of the American people and anything that has legitimate, at least medical truth, is being suppressed.”

“This thing is all going to be set right,” Bannon continued as to Zelenko’s persecution by the media. “…Why? Because he had this concept of therapeutics can help take care of this, cut the mortality. And man, the administration, they came after him viciously, every second of every day, and this is a guy that had terminal cancer.”

Malone responded that as an immigrant from “a poor family” in Kiev, Ukraine, Zelenko came to live “the American dream” after attending the Buffalo School of Medicine in 2000 and establishing a private practice in Monroe, NY, located in the state’s scenic Hudson Valley.

Zelenko’s knowledge were sought by President Trump, Bannon recalled, after which Trump began promoting hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic or preventive medicine for the virus. Almost instantly, Trump was vilified for the suggestion, and all focus turned to the creation of a vaccine which would serve as the panacea for the virus and its imposed lockdowns, social- distancing, business closures and disruption to businesses, schools, places of worship and community events.

At the end of the six-minute segment, Bannon revealed that he had an artist, Lee Brown, draw some portraits of Zelenko which he presented in a closing tribute to the late physician.

On Friday Red Voice Media posted a video tribute to Dr. Zelenko authored by Vigilant Fox.

Editor’s Note: As of 12:06 p.m. EDT on Friday, Vigilant Fox has been suspended from Twitter.

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  1. He was a warrior. I took the vaccine moderna. I practice sports like mountain bike,swimming etc my heart was healthy. Now I am suffering if Aritmia. Iam trying to reverse those symptoms by using NAC and other supplements. There is something about this vaccines that all the media is defending like a pill of heaven.