June 22, 2022

Mason Cox (Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 4.0 International)

Dear Editor:

As a former Collingwood Fourths player (and not much chop at that), lifelong Collingwood supporter, and decades-long Collingwood Coterie member, I cannot tell you how often I’ve fervently wished that the Pies would persevere with that big Texas-talking-big Yank in Mason Cox and that Cox would do well for not only Collingwood and himself, but for Australian-American relations…as I believe America and Americans (despite their ridiculous gun laws and voting out the truly odious-as-an-individual but great policy decision-maker in so many respects, Donald Trump) are much maligned.

This bloke’s been a member and/or supporter of the American-Australian Association for nearly as long as the almost 40 years he’s travelled back and forth (up to three times a year) to so very many parts of America, coming to love most things about America and Americans! However, I have no love for Mason Cox for acting like a dirty big bloody “goofball” (“drongo” in Aussie parlance) for refusing to become an Australian Citizen on Australia Day 2022 (and that is almost like maligning the 4th of July I will again celebrate this year with American friends but would not with Mason Cox)!



Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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