by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 20, 2022) — On Monday morning, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) interviewed two fathers whose sons died after receiving a vaccine, one a dozen years ago and the other just last year.

The interview launched with host Stephanie Locricchio interviewing Bridget Kearns, a board member for Health Choice 4 Action Massachusetts, about a bill proposed in the legislature which would remove religious exemptions for schoolchildren from mandatory vaccines.

Kearns offered pointers on “how to talk to your legislator” about the bill, H.4813, and others which may arise in other states, which she believes would deny objectors to observe their religious beliefs while maintaining “the right to an education” for their children.

Following Kearns’s interview, Locricchio commented that under pressure, “a lot of people have paid the ultimate price for the decisions that they have made.” Because of Fathers’ Day, she said, she wanted to acknowledge parents who “have lost children because of taking injections and vaccines,” after which she brought on Bryce Bundy and Ernest Ramirez, Sr. to speak about their losses and how they have channeled their energies since then.

The topics of “vaccine injury” and “death related to vaccines,” Locricchio said, are becoming more prominent since the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines, which occurred in mid-December in the United States.

On Twitter Sunday and Monday, Ramirez posted tributes to his son and only child, Ernesto Ramirez, Jr., and a photo of his Fathers’ Day visit to his grave. Ramirez’s 16-year-old son died in April 2021, five days after receiving his first and only Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

As did Ramirez, Bundy said his son Mason’s doctor denied that a vaccine could have played a role in the child’s death. Mason was born in 2010, Bundy said, and he and his wife hesitated to have him vaccinated due to his small birth size. The pediatrician “pressured us a lot to get him vaccinated, and she went so far as to tell us that if we didn’t vaccinate him that we were going to sign his death certificate.” “Three or four days later, we found him in his bed,” Bundy said.

The Bundys have three other children, two of whom were very young at the time.

At 10:26 a.m., Locricchio asked if there is something either father does to ease their pain on Fathers’ Day. In response, Bundy said he “hangs out with family as much as possible,” and Ramirez said he “takes off for a ride” on his motorcycle to “try to clear my mind.”

Ramirez took two doses of the Moderna COVID vaccine, he said, prior to having his son receive the Pfizer shot after the vaccines were approved for younger people under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

In tears, Ramirez said the last time he saw his son has given way to emptiness.

“I can’t believe our country actually did this — our government is actually doing this to us — not just to me; to others: killing and injuring all these people. They ruined my life. I don’t have nothing more to look forward to ’cause I was so proud watching him grow up…”

“I’ll never know the grandchildren he would have gave me,” Ramirez said, wiping the tears from his face. “…He made me proud every day, just being with me…he made life worth living.”

He now travels extensively, attending and speaking at forums to bring awareness to parents.

He finds it incredible that the CDC has approved the shots for “babies.” “I can only imagine how many parents are going to wake up without their babies — little babies dying of myocarditis or being injured for the rest of their life — I don’t understand why they keep pushing it…”

He has “lost all his friends,” Ramirez said, but finds encouragement from groups with which he has become active, such as react19, and their “victims.” He said ” a couple” of other parents who have lost children after COVID-19 vaccination who were contemplating “suicide” have contacted him, and “I was able to talk ’em down.”

Ramirez has launched a website,, with which he strives to “brainstorm for the solution of a government inflicted harm to humanity.”

The interview concluded at 10:31 a.m., after which Locricchio offered some closing remarks.

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  1. Sincere condolences Messrs. Bryce Bundy and Ernest Ramirez, Sr. and every other parent who lost a child to “We’re from the government and we’re here to help you.”

    Not being a parent myself I cannot imagine not only the anguish of losing a child but also the anger at the government for causing their loss.

    On Fathers Day, Sunday, 6/19/2022, as Ambassador to Maryland for a national non-profit organization whose mission is “To Publicly Honor And Remember Every American Fallen Service Member and Recognize the Enduring Sacrifice of Every Family” I spent the entire day at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery talking with family members of America’s Fallen Service Members…fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. Heart wrenching.

    May the good Lord Bless and Keep you Messrs. Bryce Bundy and Ernest Ramirez, Sr. et al.